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The Belerick Guide Everyone Wants

by purple-indie
Feb 26, 2020
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Some background info on me, I am a current legend player climbing back to mythic at the time this guide was made. I main Belerick and often solo or duo queue, as well as 5v5 queues with my squad which i will not shout-out to remain anonymous. I currently have over 200 games on Belerick with a 57% win rate. Now onto the guide:

Tank Mechanics

Being the tank for your team gives you a lot of responsibility, you have to keep the team safe, protect them from most aimed projectiles, and be able to CC the enemy. Being this important however means that when anything goes wrong, no matter whose fault it really was, the blame falls on you.

Tanks should always be in front, you must be winning to trade your life to either secure kills for your teammates or allow them to get away, in solo queue however this is more difficult to manage as your teammates are often not on the same wavelength as you and require pings and commands to cohesively function.

As a tank it is crucial to know where your ADC is and what they are doing almost all the time, because if they are by themselves they will often get jumped or dived by opponents. Even during team fights you have to have a general eye on your team as well as the enemies position so you can position yourself accordingly, as you should either be on the frontline or in the middle depending on the situation.

Using Encourage

Encourage is the usable skill given by the Courage Mask(red). Using it at the right time is pretty important to winning a team fight or an unbalanced fight.

Encourage should almost never be used in a 1v1 scenario. It is best used during the beginning of a team fight or as your team is collapsing on the opposing team, and make sure your teammates are close enough to you to receive the buff, it is extremely important for your ADC to get it, if given the option between the ADC and the rest of the team, in almost every case, unless the ADC is either stunned out or considered dead(this call is your opinion), go with the ADC.


The Hero, Belerick, is a master of sustaining himself and forcing enemies to stop and fight him instead of his teammates.

Although the items might seem out of order, most of them can be rearranged based on your opponents lineup.


Belerick has many counters, mostly heroes with a lot of burst potential, killing him before he has a chance to regen, and heroes like Masha and Karina, who can stop basic attack and become immune to them respectively.

Masha is much worse than Karina, as Masha can entirely block the ability to basic attack, negating Belerick's second ability drastically reducing his sustainability.

Other counters include high burst and/or true damage attackers that can deal huge chunks of his HP, I will talk more about what to do in each specific case against each hero.


He is very deadly due to his high damage output, and his guaranteed critical shot


His ultimate, Last Insanity, is extremely dangerous to you as it deals an insane amount of true damage all at once to whoever is in range, without his ultimate though, or by himself is not a huge threat to you with a mm or fighter around you to grind his health down. However when he is out of his armored state he is fairly easy to deal with, as he cannot use his ultimate.


An assassin that absolutely melts squishy's as well as tanks if he gets a large gold advantage, dangerous overall no matter the hero.


A tank melter because of her passive which gives her huge damage outputs of true damage, the most dangerous on this list, 


Another true damage dealer, getting stunned and ulted on by Gord often either kills the hero or causes them to flee from the fight, the ultimate by itself is only dangerous if the target cannot move as this cause Gord's passive to proc multiple times dealing extra true damage.


Although he has no true damage, his ultimate, Fist Crack, does an insane amount of damage with the demon hunter sword, as soon as the enemy Badang gets this be very aware of your teams positioning as well as your surroundings as this will most likely kill whatever squishy heroes get caught inside.


Deadly against all heroes and definitely dangerous no matter what he has. Has the potential if played well to nearly carry an entire team.


An extreme burst hero, however rarely seen, will edit as I face him more.


Extremely dangerous with ultimate, will kill almost every hero with a full burst. Most dangerous, needs to be stunned and killed before her ultimate can be used.

Build Explanation

The reason for Courage Mask is simple, YOUR A TANK! However do not build past the Wooden Mask to start the game. As you will need your boots to stay in lane with the constant mana drain your second ability requires.

A key part to your sustain, the ability to regen mana efficiently, and these boots give you that as well as movement speed for rotating.

I mean 50% damage reduction is amazing and the cool down reduction(CDR) and health are just added bonuses. Defends well against burst damage unless it it true damage.

Oracle is the epitome of Belerick's lineup allowing him to regen an extra 30% from his punch and Revitalize if you use it.

Guardian Helmet combines both with Belerick's primary perk of having multiple ways to regen as well as a huge health boost along with consistent out of fight regen as well as in the beginning of a team fight with the extra 5 seconds the passive is still active for  after damage is taken.

A way to decrease an enemies damage by just taking damage, for late game survival as many heroes will have insane burst even if they normally don't at other times.


The primary combo is 2nd followed by his ultimate, the first skill is often used to either drag a hero into the ultimate or controlling them after the duration of the ultimate is over.

Bait Combo: 2nd, run in, 1st, survive until team is close then use your ultimate to lock the enemies into place, this allows easy kills for your teammates but most often will require you to die or become very low health.

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