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Check the updated fighter rankings according to Smash Pros like ZeRo. We feature ZeRo's tier lists because has the Guinness world record for 56 tournament wins in a row. His rankings are always competitive and current!

Armadas Ultimate 5.0 Tier List

Updated Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighter rankings according to Armada
10 more
14 more
2 more
Tue Sep 24 2019 3 months ago

Ultimate Tiers

As of the 3.1 Patch
11 more
18 more
6 more
Thu Jul 11 2019 5 months ago

Patch 3 Tiers

All characters ranked
10 more
29 more
Thu Jul 11 2019 5 months ago

Online Play Tiers

The best characters for online matches as of the 3.0 Update
15 more
20 more
3 more
Wed Jul 10 2019 5 months ago