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WanWan Stats

Battle Point Cost32000
Diamond Cost599
Movement Speed240
Physical Attack100
Attack Speed0.83
HP Regen Rate2540
Mana Regen Rate14

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WanWan Tier: S
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WanWan Abilities

Swallows Path

Wanwan throws a Swallow Dart in a designated direction, dealing 150 / 180 / 210 / 240 / 270 / 300 (+60% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies along the path and triggering Tiger Pace. The Swallow Dart will transform into a Zone of Swallow Daggers at its destination. Lasts 5s. Use Again: A Swallow Dagger returns to Wanwan, dealing 60 / 72 / 84 / 96 / 108 / 120 (+80% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies along the way and reducing their Movement Speed by 60% for 0.5s. Wanwan can restore up to 3 Swallow Dagger(s) from the Zone.

Tiger Pace

Wanwan reveals the Vital of enemy Heroes hit by her hidden weapons. If she hits all vitals of the target, she will be able to deal 25% damage to the target. Wanwan can move a short distance when she throws a Sleeve Dart. The speed of this movement scales with the attack speed.

Crossbow Of Tan

Wanwan activates her crossbow and shoots arrows to enemies whose Vitals are all hit by her for 10 time(s). (Will shot 1 more time for every 40% extra Attack Speed). Each arrow deals 60 / 72 / 84 (+50% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and the last arrow will deal Crit Damage and trigger Tiger Pace. Crossbow of Tang can only be cast to enemies whose all vitals are hit.

Needles In Flower

Wanwan removes all CC from herself immediately and loses deadly throwing needles, dealing 200 / 220 / 240 / 260 / 280 / 300 (+60% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to nearby enemies and reducing their Movement Speed by 40% for 1s.
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WanWan Tips

wan wan should direct her ultimate at squishies

by advanced-skill-tree6 months ago
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