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Tips and Tricks About Fanny

by tragic-launch
Jun 19, 2020
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Hello, welcome to "Tips and Tricks About Fanny"! This guide is beginner friendly, so if you're an experienced Fanny player and you want to know much more about this hero, then you can skip the beginner friendly part. These are just my opinions so if you're not satisfied with this guide, then leave. 

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Note: I'll explain Fanny's skills much simpler so that all of you can understand.

Passive: Air Superiority

When Fanny is flying, her damage increases while also triggering Prey Mark when dealing damage to enemies. Upon damaging an enemy with Prey Mark using skills, her energy will also regenerate. Each stack will give 10 energy, while 2 stacks give 20 energy.

First Skill: Tornado Strike | Energy: 25 | Cooldown: 3 

Fanny whirls her blade, dealing physical damage to enemies around her.

Second Skill: Steel Cable | Energy: 18 | 

Fanny throws out a cable. When an obstacle is hit by the cable, Fanny will be drawn there. Each successive use of this skill will reduce her energy consumption by 1. If her energy is sufficient and she hits an enemy, Tornado Strike will be triggered. Using 2 cables will change her direction. (Further explanations about steel cables will be explained later)

Ultimate Skill: Cut Throat | Energy: 30 | Cooldown: 35

Fanny locks onto an enemy, dealing massive damage. She can use it even when she's flying but her cables will be cancelled. Each stack of Prey Mark will increase its damage by 20%.


Beast Killer

Some of you might be wondering, "Why Beast Killer?" "Why not Raptor Machete?" Jungling items give stacks when killing a jungle monster. Each stack of Star Shard will increase magic damage, Raptor Machete for true damage on basic attacks, and Beast Killer for higher defense stats. Fanny is pretty squishy during the early stages of the game, and when also without defense items. So Beast Killer is an alternative to obtain

Bloodlust Axe is Fanny's core item. Using cables while triggering Tornado Strike will give Fanny a big gap in terms of survival. This also makes Fanny much more durable during team fights and tower dives. Technically, Bloodlust Axe will boost her spell vamp by 40%. Spell vamp means life steal triggered by using skills instead of basic attacks.

Blade of Despair will significantly increase her skill damage, making her capable to kill enemy damage dealers fast enough before she is burst down. With this item, she can still fight enemies with basic attacks whenever she runs out of energy. Instead of harassing enemies with little damage, she can now kill enemies effortlessly for a short period of time.

Rose Gold Meteor gives temporary shield which makes Fanny much durable when tower diving. It also increases magic defense pretty high. The good thing is that the shield will appear when her hitpoints reaches 30%. In that case, enemies will not be able to burst Fanny down making her much tankier. 

Immortality will make Fanny last longer in teamfights, this is also the most OP defense item for Fanny because of its passive, Immortal, which resurrects allies. The advantage that Fanny has is that she's full of energy upon her resurrection. Bloodlust Axe will also do its job, just use your second skill, trigger Tornado Strike, then you'll have plenty of hitpoints through spell vamp. It also increases physical defense and hitpoints.

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen is also pretty overpowered,  adding a little bit of physical damage increase, extra hitpoints and high cooldown reduction. But its unique passive makes it really OVERPOWERED. It reduces damage taken by 50% when hitpoints is lower than 40%. It also increases lifesteal which is not the part that Fanny cares of. This item has all you need! Cooldown reduction, damage reduction, higher HP, extra damage, and lifesteal. 

You can also use these builds that i think will make your gameplay much better.

Balanced Build: (When enemies have both high physical and magic damage)

Physical Defense Build: (When enemies have high physical damage)

Magical Defense Build: (When enemies have high magical damage)


Festival of Blood | Fighter Emblem Talent:

Players wanted a high early game damage, that's why they equip Blade of Despair, but Fanny loses her potential without spell vamp, that's why i recommend Unbending Will. Even without Bloodlust Axe, she will still gain spell vamp because of the effect of this talent. Because of this talent, you can prioritize Blade of Despair.

Killing Spree | Assasin Emblem Talent:

After killing the enemy damage dealer surrounded by others, you might take a lot of damage. Because of that, they just killed you after killing their damage dealer. But this emblem talent will save from sticky situations. If you're being chased, attack them and try to get a kill in order to heal 15% of HP, then also kill the other one who is chasing you healing a total of 30% HP. Instead of dying, Killing Spree is the answer to deadly situations. But make sure that the one who's chasing you does not have crowd control or else you'll die.


Sometimes, players think, "When to use Fanny?" Well, these are the tips when you want to use Fanny during draft picking.


Fanny has many counters such as Chou, Khufra, Helcurt, Valir and many other heroes who have crowd control. Use Fanny if enemy crowd control is not that much. Only crowd control can counter a Fanny.

Not only Fanny is being countered, Fanny also counters some heroes. Heroes without long stuns, silence, suppress, and hooks are weak to Fanny.

During Draft:

Make sure Fanny will be the last pick, or else, the enemy will pick counters. Try to ban or steal counter heroes when using Fanny. If enemy uses a counter hero, never use Fanny. (UNLESS YOURE PRO)


Play Fanny Everytime

Using Fanny means you should use Fanny all the time. If you know how to ride a bike, then you'll know it all the time. But that's not the case. Fanny is a hero that needs daily practice. Cables are really hard to practice right? Biking, you can still have that skill even you don't ride a bike for decades! What about Fanny? Only one month without playing her, you might lose your capabilities. Your cables might not hit a single obstacle, maybe you can't even do a tower dive. Not playing Fanny means losing almost all your knowledge about Fanny. I recommend using Fanny 3 to 5 matches a day. But if you are a beginner, don't push yourself. Try custom VS AI matches to develop your skills on using Fanny.

Always Have Blue Buff 

What comes first in your mind when someone said Fanny? Sometimes you'll think she's hard to use. But second thoughts, you'll think of buff, right? Fanny is always dependent on blue buff. Why? Because Fanny's energy consumption is too high! Fanny's energy is only 100, but her second skill consume almost 20% of her energy. If you are a beginner, you might not know about the blue buff. Now then, let me explain. You can get the blue buff by killing the Statued Shocker. It is located at the middle-left of the outer and inner turrets in mid-lane. Getting the blue buff will give you 20% cooldown reduction and what makes crucial for Fanny to have blue buff is that it reduces energy cost by 20%. Instead of your typical 18 energy cost for second skill, you'll now only need to use about 15 energy!

Do Not Freestyle

Fanny freestyle? Maybe you did not heard that yet, or maybe you already know. But if you don't know, let me then explain what it is. When doing a Fanny freestyle, you should roam around the map by using more than enough cables. The most common freestyle is from base to enemy base vice versa, where they simply use 1 cable to the left, then 1 cable to the right, and they'll do that repeatedly until they arrive to the enemy base or base respectively. Doing that will consume all your energy, that's why most players doing freestyle do it on practice, except for pro freestylers like Kurosawa. Just freestyle if your victory is near.

This is the end of the guide, I hope that you learn some good stuff in here.


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