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Gord Stats

Battle Point Cost24000
Movement Speed240
Physical Attack110
Physical Defense0
Magic Power0
Magic Resistance10
Attack Speed0.77
HP Regen Rate32
Mana Regen Rate25

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Gord Abilities

Mystic Projectile

Gord throws a Mystic Projectile that jumps forward at a designated area. Upon hitting an enemy unit, the Projectile will deal 270 (+80% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage in the area and stun enemies for 1.

Mystic Injunction

Gord summons an energy field, dealing 80 (+20% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage every 0.45s.

Mystic Gush

Gord fires a sustained blast of energy in a designated direction, dealing 190 (+60% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage every 0.3s to enemies and slowing them by 10%. Lasts 3s. The direction of the blast can be changed by using the Left Joystick during this time.

Mystic Favor

Dealing 4 hits of basic attack or skill damge to the same target, within a short period of time, grants a bonus of 160 (+70% Total Magic Power) points of True Damage on the next attack.

Gord Guide


Welcome to another series off Off-Meta Heroes! Today it's gonna be Gord, the Mystic Magician. He is a cool looking guy on a skateboard who has actually great bursts. Gord has been underrated for a while. Gord is more like a DOT (Damage over Time) burst mage. If your team lacks magic damage, here comes Gord.


Gord was born in a magic world, and from birth manipulating magic energy was like breathing air to him. His love of mystic magic was particularly powerful, and almost immediately he was able to master some of the most profound mystic spells in all of magic. As he slowly grew older, his reliance on mystic energy became more severe, until finally mystic emblems seeped into his skin and bones and transformed his appearance.

I wonder what Gord looks like before he "transformed his appearance". Wouldn't it be interesting if the devs decided to make a skin called "Before aftermath Gord"? And I think Gord requires a model rework as well. He looks pretty…… oddly… well.. outdated.




 Mystic Favor (Passive): After dealing ability damage to an enemy, he will add a magic amplifier effect to the target. Subsequent ability damage dealt to the target will cause an extra 10% damage, stacking up to 10 times and lasting 5s.

  • This passive actually helps you to deal tons of damage, the only reason Gord can burst is because of the passive.

-Because of TWO of Gord's ability is DOT (Damage over Time), you can actually stack the passive really quickly and deal tons of damage. Don't you guys wish this ability is on some other heroes?


 Mystic Projectile: Throws a magic bomb at the target area, dealing 270 magic damage to enemies in the area and lowering movement speed 70%, lasting 2s. Deals up to 30% extra damage to enemies in the center of the area and stuns them.

-Your only ability that has CC (crowd control)

-Your only "combo opener" ability (Mystic Projectile > Mystic Injunction for early game harass, adds  in Mystic Gush if you are prepared to kill).

-Manually aim is much better.

-Sadly, this ability only hits once, so only one stack for your Mystic Favor (Passive).


 Mystic Conjunction: Summons a field of energy which deals 80 magic damage per 0.5s to enemies within it.

-This ability hits a lot of times, tons of damage and stacks your Mystic Favor (Passive) rather well for MORE DAMAGE!

  • Auto-aim is fine, but I would still recommend learning manually aim.

-Small AOE (Area of Effect) and deals damage, good for clearing waves.


 Mystic Gush (Ultimate): Fires a sustained blast of emblem energy in a specified location, dealing 130 magic damage per 0.3s to enemies affected by the energy beam and slowing them 10%, lasting 3s. The direction of the blast can be controlled using the directional pad for as long as the ability lasts.

-Mystic Gush (Ultimate) + Mystic Conjunction = Max stack on Mystic Favor (Passive), once again…… TONS OF DAMAGE.

-It is basically a laser beam, you can aim with the directional pad (the one where you move your hero anywhere).

-Pretty easy to aim, following your target. Fun to play and use as well, lol.


Pros and Cons


  • Extremely high nuke, bursts, damage.
  • Easy to play
  • The damage itself from the abilities is already high
  • Has decent crowd control


  • Doesn't have any mobility ability :(
  • Can be very vulnerable while using Mystic Gush (Ultimate)
  • Weak to crowd control
  • Can be caught off-guard easily



Items and Battle Spells

Core Items:

  • Enchanted Talisman- Magic Power, HP, Cooldown Reduction and most importantly, the mana regen on this item is the best. You will be spamming abilities a lot, the mana regen will helps A LOT  as well.
  • Glowing Wand- Magic Power, Movement Speed and Magic penetration. Magic pen and the passive from this ability is crucial to Gord due to his kit. DOT (Damage over Time) effect + the Mystic Favor (Ultimate) would just destroy the enemy team.

Powerful Items: To be honest, any other Magic Power item is fine. Holy Crystal and Ice Queen Wand is fine. Or even Concentrated Energy for some spell vamps, works well on Gord too.

Just like any heroes, Purify or Flicker is still the best. Flicker would be perfect because Gord doesn't have any mobility, I mean literally 0 mobility.



Game Plan

Start off with two Magic Necklaces. Mana regen and spamming abilities on either clearing waves or harassing is crucial. Going into the solo mid lane would be the best choices. Level is important on Gord because of the scalings and mid lane is the best to level up quickly than the other lanes. Clear the jungles and use your ability whenever you are done clearing your minion waves. Whenever you are level 4 where you unlocked your ultimate, don't be afraid to do a full combo on your enemy (Mystic Projectile > Mystic Conjunction > Mystic Gush). You could even get a kill from there, if you didn't, it's fine. The enemy will be required to recall back to base to heal. If your enemy is greedy, he would try to stay and you could find yourself another chance to kill. If he doesn't he would miss some minion waves and denied his gold and exp lead + you could push the turret OR you can try to clear the wave as soon as possible, THEN roam to either top or bottom to try and get a kill. Your opponent would be still in the base, running back to mid lane to catch up the farms, your enemy mid lane wouldn't be able to help their team from your ganks. The cooldown on your Mystic Gush is pretty short, don't be afraid to spam it BUT don't use it on clearing jungles OR minion waves, harassing enemy heroes is fine.


Get your Enchanted Talisman ASAP for your mana issues, follow up with boots and Glowing Wand, your powerspike increases so high whenever you have this item. Your damage is just insane. Because Gord is so vulnerable during Mystic Gush, it would be ideal to have some frontline tanks such as Tigreal in your team. Find a safe position and start hitting your combos and you could melt the entire enemy team.






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