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Watchtower Guide

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Dec 19, 2019
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  1. Overview

Watchtowers appear on the global map that you need to visit in order to gain access to new areas. There is one Watchtower that is unlocked on the left side at the beginning of the game. Repairing the Watchtower requires the Electric Generator and unlocks the Northern Region and Winter Zones. A chopper is needed to deliver the Generator to the watchtower.

This is a resource-intensive task, so make sure you do it when you have a proper amount of inventory space.

  1. Objective

First you must acquire the Chopper, once you have that, work on combining the materials to assemble the Electric Generator.

To unlock generator, you will need to be level 48 and 2 crafting points. The materials to put it in your base is:

10 Iron Plate 15 Bolts 5 Aluminium Bar 5 Wrench

Bolts can be found from farming locations like Pine Oak or Limestone Ridge. Iron Plates can be crafted via Iron Bars on the Workbench. Wrench is gotten by doing Bunker Alfa. As for Aluminium bars, you will need to farm the 2nd and 3rd levels of Bunker Alfa for it.

After that, you will need to assemble it unfortunately. The materials you need are:

40 Gasoline 15 Aluminium Plate 10 Wrench 15 Rubber Parts 20 Ball Bearing 30 Iron Plate 40 Duct Tape 25 Wiring 5 Engine Part 50 Bolts

Upon completing the Electric Generator, use the chopper to take the it to the WatchTower.

Warning: You will be swarmed upon activation of the generator.

  1. Types of Monsters

Fast Biter Floater Bloater Toxic Abominations

Now there are 2 phases of the first Watchtower on the left side of the map. It gives you

  1. Equipment to Bring Chopper Modified-M16 Electric Generator Crowbar 4 Iron Hatchets
  2. The Guide

First you want to find the Watchtower, you will need Iron Hatchet's to take out the 4 Oak trees along the outskirts of the watchtower, and any of the pine trees. Once you're inside the watchtower, there is a gate that requires a Crowbar to break in.

Once you're inside you will have to deal with a lot of zombies, this ranges from fast biters, floaters, and toxic abominations. You will need to clear the area first before you proceed with making, and delivering the generator to the Watchtower.

If you don't have it already, work on acquiring the Chopper. After you have the chopper, work on assembling all the parts for the Electric Generator. Walk the generator to the chopper, then ride to the watchtower and unload it on the Watchtower. A moment after you start the generator you will be swarmed by zombies so kill what you can, but you will likely need to kite them around the base. After that, your map shall expand and show you even more areas.

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