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Seven Deadly Sins Global Release Things To Know

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Mar 03, 2020
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Netmarble's hotly anticipated Anime gacha "Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross" has finally gone live on the global / US app store!



The gameplay will be familiar to gacha players who have played games like Black Clover Phantom Hearts and Idle Heroes. In this turn based RPG, you strategecically choose and synthesize the best hero combinations for each scenario to take down the enemy team. There are 4 unit types available to choose from.

  1. R Units - Common and basic, with low stats and basic skills with a cap of level 30
  2. SR Units - Slightly more rare and tougher than R, level cap: 40
  3. SSR: High level characters with more powerful summoning + base stats and skills. 
  4. UR Units: The games ultimate units, can get up to lvl 60, and then upgraded with Red Demon horns, Gray Demon wings, and Crimson demon Ears to achieve level 80.


Players with friends can co-operate to defeat a demon in death match mode in real time. Or, battle players around the world in the Arena and refine your strategy to become a global champ.

Character Customization

Obtain and apply outfits, hairstyles, and a wide array of customization options to your heroes.


The game takes place in "Britannia", with the characters you know and love from the Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross series, set within the "Holy Knights" saga and including some arcs of the Ten Commandments.

First Look and Gameplay

Koolio Gaming gives his initial impressions

Character Unlocks

  1. Boar Hat Meliodas and Mascot Elizabeth & Hawk:  Beginning of the Introduction arc.
  1. Heart of Earth Diane:  Final of the Forest of White Dreams arc.
  1. Undead Ban:  After the final of the Baste Dungeon arc's final battle
  1. Sin of Sloth King: Final of the Capital of the Dead arc
  1. Sin of Envy Diane: Vaizeel Fighting Festival arc's final battle
  1. Wanted Person Gowther: Completation of Armor Giant arc
  1. Boar Hat Elizabeth: After the final battle with Demon Hendrickson 


Howzer - Liones Royalty
Ban - The Fox Sin of Greed
Gustaf - Knight of Ice
Friesia - Weird Fangs
Diane - Matrona
Elaine - Fairy Kings Forest
Guila - Explosion
Dreyfus - Omen of Chaos
Elizabeth and Hawk - Mobile Tavern
Dreyfus - Break
Ban - Nunchaku
Gowther - Liones Hero
Alioni - Beard of the Mountain Cat
Gowther - Wanted Man
Griamore - Adventurer
Gilthunder - Thunderbolt
Elizabeth and Hawk - Mascot
Elizabeth and Hawk - Reverse
Diane - The Serpent Sin of Envy
Golgius - Weird Fangs
Golgius - Weird Fangs
Helbram - Forest Guardian
Elizabeth - Boar Hat Tavern
Elizabeth - Boar Hat Tavern
Griamore - Champion
Arthur - Camelot's Sword
Diane - Heart of the Land
Diane - Kungfu Master
Hendrickson - Omen of Chaos
Gilthunder - Star of the Kingdom
Arthur - King of Prophecies
Arthur - King of Prophecies
Guila - Rapier
Griamore - Iron-wall Knight
Cain - Burning Ember
Hugo - Roars of Dawn
Elizabeth - Liones
Gowther - The Goat Sin of Lust
Hendrickson - Melt
Gilthunder - Chivalrous
Simon - Roars of Dawn
Simon - Roars of Dawn
Meliodas - The Dragon Sin of Wrath
King - The Seven Deadly Sins
King - The Seven Deadly Sins
Jude - Weird Fangs
Howzer - Star of the Kingdom
Howzer - Tempest
King - The Grizzly Sin of Sloth
Jericho - New Generation
Meliodas - The Seven Deadly Sins
Slader - Overpower
Slader - Overpower
Marmas - Boom Boom Pow
Jericho - Adventurer
Taizoo - Vaizel Fight Festival
Taizoo - Vaizel Fight Festival
Jericho - Godspeed Knight
Jericho - Godspeed Knight
Merlin - Collector
Slader - Roars of Dawn
Ruin - Weird Fangs
King - Forest Guardian
Jillian - Roars of Dawn
Jillian - Roars of Dawn
Meliodas - Boar Hat Tavern
King - Protector of Dolls
King - Protector of Dolls
Merlin - The Boar Sin of Gluttony
Twigo - Confirmation
Vivian - Reincarnation of Obsession
Weinheidt - Roars of Dawn
Ban - Snatch
Ban - Outlaw
Ban - Undead

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