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SDS Reroll Guide

by GamerHub
Mar 04, 2020
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Thanks to TecTone for the info in the above video

Note: This guide applies to a completely new fresh account for beginner players

Basic Intro Tips

- The absolute best possible start currently a double SSR pull / 60 gems on initial roll. 

The SSR Ranges are -medium- level of quality

- Keep in mind that not all characters available in JP or KR are available in Global.

- In order to re-roll, you do not need to delete and reinstall your game! 

- Rerolling is not necessary - the game can always be beaten with the basic F2P units!

- The pool of characters is limited at launch, so if you do want to spend 2-3 hours going for a specific character, its doable, but keep in mind that 

Initial Roll

Green Meliodas is a great initial pick and will help with boss fights.  After that, King. Red King is also a great pick. 

How To Delete Your Progress and Re-Roll

You do not need to re-roll, but if you really want to, the first opportunity to roll again happens around 7 minutes in.  Once you get to this:

Spam click in the upper left hand corner.


Click the button in the upper right, hit the bottom menu button appears, and your re-roll will occur!

Now, you dont have to close the game, reload, or reinstall. You have your original rewards, but can re-roll!  You will retain all your current rewards

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