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Bunker Bravo Guide

by GamerHub
Dec 19, 2019
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Overview -

Bunker Bravo is one of the abandoned Army bunkers on the world map. It consists of a main level. Any resources, Items, or Creatures on the main level of the map do not respawn once taken or killed. The bunker currently has no subfloors. This article will go over how to best clear Bunker Bravo, the things you'll need to clear it, and what sort of enemies you'll run into while you clear the bunker. You will find about 7 lootable lockers once you've cleared out the base full of zombies.

Zombies -

When you enter the bunker area you will run into some of the following zombies in a horde. Fast Biters, Float Bloaters and Toxic Abomination. You want to try and use the Floater Bloater or Toxic Abomination jump/stomp for their AOE damage, so they can kill off the Fast Biters for you. This will cost you quite a bit of health, so be prepared to kite away from the aoe and heal in between killing zombies.
Fast Biters are very fast general zombies that attempt to overwhelm you with numbers, you will need to kite these zombies and mow them down. Without shoes, Fast Biters can outrun a player. You will need to hit a Fast Biter 8 times if no sneak attack is made  A Baseball bat or Machete can be a good way to kill these zombies.
Floater Bloaters and Toxic Abominations are heavy hitting fat zombies with a very large AOE, which will be one of the keys to quickly clearing this bunker. Just be sure to be clear of the giant red circle or you'll take some serious damage from them.

What items to Bring -

Bravo Card:
Farm Yellow / Red zones for chest / air drops.
Toxic Spitters
At least two stacks of food or anything that can heal you
A Glock, or Anything near or over 20 damage is idea for Bunker Bravo to kill off the fast biters at the end
You will want to bring two sets of armor if you can acquire it, these zombies here will quickly wear out your first set, so the secondary armor should help out greatly.

General Tips:

  • A player can exit the bunker map area at any time and all zombies will retain health from before.
  • Any killed zombies will remain dead.
  • Use the Stomp ability of the Floater Bloater to damage some of the Fast Biters.
  •  Avoid running into corners or running into broken cars or you will get stuck and probably die while trying to clear the bunker.
  • You will likely need to make two runs to fully loot the bunker! so make space ahead of time.

Video Guide -


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