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Ultimate LDOE Beginners Guide - Easy To Follow

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Dec 19, 2019
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Last Day on Earth is a really fun game that focuses a lot on farming, gathering resources, building your base and exploring tough territories. And last but not least, fighting against zombies and other humans for survival. Check out this bonus tips and tricks guide as well.

Things You Should Know


Your character has various things you always want to keep in mind.

Below are some key things that you should pay attention to in the game.

  • Resource gathering and what to get
  • Building your base
  • Places to farm
  • Weapons and Equipment to Craft
  • Fighting zombies or humans and being prepared at all times!
  • Dying and its consequences...


So for much of the game, it revolves around traveling to different locations to find resources to fortify your base at home. That also includes finding weapons and armor to defend yourself.

As you start the game, you will be in the center of the map in your base with a truck. Your very first goal would be to get some pine logs, limestones and plant fiber.

After that, you will want to start building your base with the basics in this order:

  1. Campfire - This is vital to your survival. This allows you to turn raw meat to juicy steak, berries into berry tea and carrots into carrot stew. You will need pine logs to provide fire to cook your food.
  2. Garden Bed - This is your never ending source of carrots. You will want to pick up plant fiber in resource locations such as limestone ridge or pine bushes.
  3. Wooden Floor - You can start building a few wooden floors by pressing on the build button. It is required to put your small box.
  4. Small Box - The small box allows you to store up to 15 items. You will initially need a few of these to stockpile your resources. I recommend building at last 5-6 of these at the start.
  5. Woodworking Bench - This allows you to turn pine logs into planks, which is used to upgrade your wooden floors to level 2.
  6. Shower - You will get dirty and need a shower after a while. When you have a red icon saying you need a shower now, its time to use it. The red icon allows zombies to detect you from a much further range and makes sneak attack impossible.
  7. Melting Furnace - This allows you to craft iron bars, which is the biggest resource you need in the beginning aside from pine logs and limestones.
  8. Rain Catcher - The rain catcher allows you to re-fill your water bottles. This is easily the best building as it requires no resources except for 10 minutes and an empty bottle.

These 8 should cover the early game well and get you ready for mid game and exploration around more dangerous areas such as Bunker Alfa and Watchtower.

Farming and Resource Gathering

Gathering resources efficiently and being able craft items quickly is key to getting better equipment or workstations. At the start from level 1 to about 15, you will only want to farm in 2 easy areas (noted in green)

Pine Bushes (Green)

Energy Cost Run Speed Walking Speed Chopper
15 8 seconds 12min 3 s 5s

It is directly to the right of your base. It has no iron ores, but its a great place for pine logs.

Total resources(it varies a little):

  • Pine Tree x 27 = Pine Log x 81
  • Dead Tree x 3 = Pine Log x 9
  • Limestone node x 3
  • Pine Log x 19
  • Limestone x 20
  • Plant Fiber x 20
  • Berry Bush x 10 = Berry x 30

From zombies, animals or players (varies too):

  • From Zombies: Rope, Cloth
  • From Players: Hammer, Pickaxe, Hatchet, Limestone, Iron Ore, Limestone, Pine Log, Backpack
  • From Deer: Raw Meat, Animal Rawhide

Limestone Ridge (Green)

Energy Cost Run Speed Walking Speed Chopper
15 8 seconds 11min 53 s 5s

Total resources(it varies a little):

  • Pine Tree x 7 = Pine Log x 21
  • Dead Tree x 3 = Pine Log x 9
  • Limestone Rocks x 25 = Limestone x 75
  • Pine Log x 10
  • Limestone x 20
  • Iron Stones x 5 = Iron Ore x 15
  • Plant Fiber x 20
  • Berry Bush x 10 = Berry x 30

From zombies, animals or players (varies too):

  • From Zombies: Rope, Cloth
  • From Players: Hammer, Pickaxe, Hatchet, Limestone, Iron Ore, Limestone, Pine Log, Backpack
  • From Deer: Raw Meat, Animal Rawhide

Both areas will have 2-4 chests, depending on your luck. It can also contain items such as:

  • Bolts, Transistor, Rubber Parts, Water Bottle, Baked Beans, Bunker Cards, Wiring, Scrap Metal, Bandage

Farm as much as possible here to about level 10. That is when you can start crafting basic armor for a better defense for farming these places. At level 22, you can start crafting the Crowbar, which is a very effective weapon for its damage and utility (used to break stucked doors). It only costs 7 Iron Bars and 5 Leather.

Building Your Base

So every 24 hours, a horde of zombies from the west side will come to pillage your base. Currently, multiplayer is not enabled, so building walls is not necessary. However, the zombies will charge straight towards the center of your base and destroy any walls you built.

The good thing is, it won't steal your resources. You can choose to build walls and guard it with Spike Trap and Trip Wire Trap. They will take damage when they get close to them. However, since it requires a high amount of resources, it is not recommended to waste them.

A lot of resources will go towards upgrading your floor. Below are the resources required for each tile:

  • Level 1 Floor - Pine Log x 1
  • Level 2 Floor - Plank x 5, Limestone x 10

General Leveling

For leveling, you gain experience when you take an action. That includes:

  • Killing a zombie
  • Mining stones and ores
  • Chopping trees
  • Picking up resources (Plant fibers, limestones, pine logs etc.)

If you want to semi automate experience gain, you will need some good armor and a weapon to farm the 2 spots mentioned above. A recommended setup would be:

  • Wooden Spear (4 Pine Logs)
  • Carrots (20 of them equipped)
  • Dad Cap (2 Plant Fibers and 1 Cloth)
  • Shirt (3 Plant Fibers and 3 Cloth)
  • Cargo pants (3 Plant Fibers, 3 Cloth and 2 Ropes)
  • Sneakers (2 Plant Fibers, 1 Cloth and 2 Ropes)
  • Backpack (3 Plant Fibers and 2 Ropes)
  • 1 Hatchet or Pickaxe

Normally, I would go to green Limestone Ridge for a mixture of limestones and pine logs. If you want to only farm pine logs, green Pine Bushes is the better.

Tips and Tricks

Sneak Attack

Sneak attack is a great way to save a few more hits of your weapon when you really need it. Sneak attack deals 3x the weapon damage. So if you use a wooden spear (10 damage), it will do 30 damage. Your fists will do 18 damage from behind.

To sneak behind someone, press the crouch button on the bottom right side of the screen. Use it before you are under the radar of other zombies.

If you have the red icon indicating that you need a shower, your sneak attacks will not work since zombies will smell you before you get to do anything. So keep that in mind.

Summon Events (Air Drop, Dealer etc.)


This little trick allows you to spawn events. It does cost some energy and time, so keep that in mind!

  • Step 1 - Be at home. Exit home base.
  • Step 2 - Walk to either Pine Bushes (Costs 51 Energy) or Limestone Ridge (50 energy). Go to bed.
  • Step 3 - Run back to home base once you have full energy. Step back out for an event!
  • Step 4 - If an event has not already appeared, then run to the nearest location next to you to further lower your energy
  • Step 5 - Run back out! An event should appear.

Entering Events

Efficient Weapons and Armor to Craft

Having played a lot of the game, you will start to develop a feel of what works for you. I have found out the following easy to craft and obtain by farming.

For Weapons:

  • Crow Bar(DPS = 27.2) - Lv 22 requirement, 1 Craft Point, 7 Iron Bar, 3 Leather
  • Nail Board(DPS =28) - Lv 28 requirement, 1 Craft Point, 5 Pine Plank, 8 Nails, 3 Duct Tape

The Crow Bar is arguable the cheapest weapon to craft for the damage it provides. It has enough sneak damage(51) to one shot 40 HP zombies and wolves, 25 Hp Deer and 50 Hp Fox.  It can also be used to destroy stucked doors.

Iron Bar is very easy to make and obtain. You can farm Limestone Cliff (Yellow Zone) for iron ores and deers. This will give you both raw animal hide and enough iron ore to craft the Crow Bar. The downside to the Crow Bar is that it requires more hits to kill a regular zombie. It takes 3 hits, so the durability suffers in that sense.

The Nail Board is the second option I would go with if you want something that does good DPS and cheap to make. It takes 2 shots to kill a regular zombie and wolf.

For Equipment:

  • Shirt
  • Cargo Pants
  • Sneakers
  • Beanie
  • Thick Jacket
  • Denim Jeans
  • Work Boots

The reason why these armor are good because often times, NPC characters in the wild will drop them. What you do is you upgrade them when their durability is low, and you get a brand new armor with max durability. Since these drop often, you won't have to worry about crafting them yourself.

Things to Keep (Storage)

When you first start the game, you will need plenty of small boxes. They are very cheap and easy to make for just 15 slots.


Kiting (Animation Canceling) is something you will want to use often. It is important, especial if the weapon has low attack speed. Anything less than 1 attack speed makes kiting a good plan to deal more damage. Good weapons to use to kite are Saw Blade Mace and Hammer. They are both 0.7 attacks per second.

To kite, you press attack and just when the attack hits, move backwards with the move pad. It cancels the animation midway, giving you more attacks per second.

Saving Space

When farming resources in green zones, you will only want to bring a stack of food (equipped) with:

  • 1 Handaxe
  • 1 Pickaxe

This will give you 13 slots (with regular backpack) to hold as much items as possible. This is usually good enough for you to get 2 stacks of either limestones or pine logs and other electrical components.

Dying (Penalties)

So when you die in any farming area (green, yellow and red zones), you will lose all your items. If you die at a bunker or watch tower, you will see your corpse at the location you died at. Now you have 1 chance to get your items back. Should you die again, the previous corpse will disappear and you permanently lose all the items there. Just make sure not to die twice! :D

Collecting Vital Items

Assembling Your Chopper

Now the chopper is quite a tough one to complete, especially the Chopper Gas Tank and the Chopper Fork and Chopper Wheel (you need 2 of these).

You can get these items by farming Bunker Alfa levels 1 to 3. Also try to get the "increase chances of finding vehicle parts by 5%" from the healer at home daily before you open the bunker coupon boxes to improve your chances.

Vehicle parts are rare drops and it will require consistent farming. Can take weeks and months…

However, the alternative is to use real money to buy "Engineer" crate for a small chance to get the parts you need.

Assembling the Generator

The generator is the next item you will need to assemble once you finish your chopper. Why? You will need this to open up the left side of the map to the winter zones. It requires you to clear the watchtower, get the chopper and fetch the generator there. Upon activating the generator, you need to kill more zombies to make it to open up the winter zone. The winter zone will give you access to oak log, fur, bauxite, copper ore and other higher level items required to advance in the game.

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