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Chief Pat Brawl Talk - New Skins - New Partners - Full Details

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Nov 22, 2019
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Hey what's up guys, it's ya boi the Chief aka Kids Chance aka The Common Cold bringing you a brand new episode of Brawl Stars.

In today's video I'm finally feeling better after what seems like a week of being completely sick and just at the right timing of feeling better, Brawl Stars has officially launched their latest Brawl Talk which covers the newest update coming out inside of the game. Now, make no mistake they want to make it clear - and keep all the hype away from this update. They They're even labeling it as the smallest update in the history of Brawl Stars and I would dare say even in the history of SuperCell games so let's dive into this update right now.

There will be a bigger update coming out for Brawl Days which is gonna be in December so I'm really excited about that but basically for this coming update there's only one really significant part. First and foremost, supercell announced a partnership with line and if you guys didn't know line specifically line friends is an app that you can use to chat with other people. This is the first like direct partnership like this to my knowledge especially involving the new skins which I'm gonna get into now. They're gonna be releasing three new skins inside of the game - first and foremost we have Elle brown which is a teddy bear skin that we have for primo where it's a super big head.

Number two we've got Sally Leon which is a duck as you might be able to imagine right there chief cat flying up on the screen by the way and finally number three we've got Leonard Carl where basically Carl's gonna end up being a frog.

These are basically friends that you can find inside of line app and line friends so it makes sense for them to add it to the game but to my knowledge this is sort of the first corporate partnership that supercell has done - to have skins inside of the game, I mean imagine if we could have a McDonald's themed skin for someone or I don't know something like that like I need these Red Bull team skin I mean anything could possibly happen. You know Gameboy 8-bit I mean Nintendo switch 8-bit this sort of opens up a lot of possibilities for these corporate partnerships so I'm really interested to see how that plays out going forward into the future but that is literally the entire update, just new skins and announcing this line Fred's partnership. They made very clear that they've been busy with the World Championship and everything else and that there will be a bigger update coming on December but that is it for this Brawl Talk.

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