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Bea Stats

Attack Damage800


"Bea loves bugs and hugs. She shoots her mechanical drones at rangeand her super sends forth an angry army of swarming bees!"

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by BluVortex
A tier list for brawlers which I have.
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Bea Tier: Excellent
Sun Aug 30 2020 3 months ago

Bea Abilities

Iron Hive

Bea deploys a swarm of drones that move and turn like jets. They slow down any opponents caught in their path.

Insta Beeload

Star Power
Instantly supercharge Bea's Big Sting one time if she misses a supercharged shot.

Honey Coat

Star Power
Bea escapes certain defeat with 1 health, and gains a momentary shield. The power is available again after she is defeated
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Bea Tips

Bea's super is good for pursuing enemies and retreating because of the slowness

by k4x7q7se10 months ago

Because Bea has long range, always keep your distance from your enemies. Use her super when her enemy has low health or when she needs to run

by holy-last-hit8 months ago
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