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How to Play Poco Like a God in Brawl Stars!

Sep 2019
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By  CWA Mobile Gaming

A big thanks to CWA Mobile Gaming for the information in the video above.

How to Play Poco

Poco is a high health Brawler and is able to heal his teammates. He's going to be the gem grabber on your team and carrying all the gems if possible.

He's going to use his heal anytime he or his teammates are low. He's going to be spending his time in the middle of the map mostly and the goal with Poco is to try and not be too aggressive.

An opening play for Poco is always head into the middle. Whether you go straight or go around the left or the right side to get into the middle.

You don't wanna be aggressive and just hold the middle area with your team. Laying down support fire on the enemy team and healing with your super whenever your allies need it.

But don't waste your heal if your allies are losing health quickly. It's better to be used after an enemy has been hit by an enemy super or has lost some health and was able to retreat for a moment.

When playing Poco you wanna stick near your teammates but not be around them at all times. If you're just trying to get kills it's best to stick close by due to Poco's low damage.

But just being around and laying down support fire in that middle lane is a good spot for him. Being able to hit enemy Brawlers while still in range to heal your allies.

If the match reaches a point where you fall too far behind the enemy team it's a good idea to just go all in. Try to get with your team and take out any enemies you can and get as many gems as possible.

A good tip is controlling how much you shoot with Poco. A double shooting is fine but it can leave you open if the situation doesn't go your way.

In some scenarios, if you get an enemy against a wall and try to double shoot they might be able to get out of range before the second shot goes off and that'll leave you open. So be sure not to be too spammy with your attacks and know when to double shoot.

A good thing to watch out for when playing Poco is playing against Pam. She is a good counter to Poco because of her long range and good damage.

On some final thoughts, you wanna keep yourself in the middle as stated before. Chip damage is a key strategy for Poco because it helps with lowering enemy health so your teammates can get kills easier but it also charges your super which is important for Poco.

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