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Bull Guide for Heist

by BluVortex
Jul 27, 2020
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@Bull can be great for pushing if used properly. Best Events / Maps for @Bull are of course Heist and Showdown.

In this guide we discuss how to use @Bull in Heist Mode. So, let's begin.

When the game starts, you have two choices: Defend Your Heist / Attack Enemy's Heist. Now let's discuss these two choices in detail.


Try to hide in a bush nearby your safe. When people sneak in, let them come near. Finally ambush them with your shotgun. Make sure you go as near as possible. Then, resort back to the bush and heal. If there are two Brawlers, I would suggest that one of your teammates who can deal AOE Damage ( Barley, Dynamike, etc. ) stays to defend and while you tank, your teammate bombard them. If you are away from your safe and you have your super charged, don't rush directly to the middle. That will just destroy your area's walls and make it easier for other enemies to reach. So, what should you do? Run a bit on the corners, in the direction of the enemy. Then, rush towards him / her and let them attack you while you burst your barrel shotgun at them. Then, simply heal in the bush. If the game is about to end and you cannot risk time, just go straight to the enemy.


You can gift your team an easy win and destroy enemy all on your own, easily. Anyways, it's always better to have your teammates help. At the start of the match, run towards a corner bush, with least brawlers. If you get caught, it's ok, @Bull can easily kill an El-Primo, a Rosa or almost any unit up close. Once you are succesfully alone at the side, rush to the enemy safe. Then, don't focus on brawlers and keep on shooting the safe up close. You can easily take out 30-40% of the saglfe with 2 or 3 brawlers shooting at you. If you have your super charged, go in the middle or sides, crushing the walls ahead of the enemy safe, and then firing. Repeat this process. Also, having teammates like Barley, Dynamike or Brock firing behind you helps a lot.

That's all for this guide. Thank you. 

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