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New Brawler Bibi [By Kairos Gaming]

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May 22, 2019
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By KairosTime Gaming

Big thanks to KairosTime Gaming for the information in the video above.

Brawler Overview

For Bibi's regular attack she swings a bat that deals damage for a massive area. There is a short delay between when you press the attack and when she actually releases it.

Similar to how Franks attack works out. However, she is still able to move around like Frank during this time so it works out.

Whenever all three of her ammo slots are full she starts charging her special ability. And that makes it so that her next attack will actually push back enemy Brawlers.

And it only takes two seconds for that special ability to charge. And with that knockback, she will actually reset Brawler animations.

This means it will prevent Brawlers like Frank from using their supers. It will also cause Brawlers to drop the ball in Brawl ball, to push them into smoke in Showdown, or push them away from the mine in Gem Grab.

Now when her special is charged her bat gets slightly bigger and flashes so you can tell if an enemy Bibi has their knockback charged up. Now her star power is tied in with her special ability.

Whenever her special ability is charged, Bibi gains an insane boost to her movement speed when she's maxed out. Bibi's super shoots out a bubblegum bubble that travels an insane distance and continues to bounce off of walls until it pops. It is also able to deal damage to the same target multiple times.

The Range Test

Bibi actually has a funny range test because her regular attack range is one of the shortest in the game. Her range is probably the third shortest coming just under Rosa's.

However, her super has a ridiculously long range. In fact, the training cave isn't even wide enough to measure how long it is and requires a normal map to see the full distance.

Because of this, her super trumps Jesse in terms of range. Who originally held the top spot for the longest range super in the game.

The Survival Test

Bibi has a maximum health of 5880 at max level. That is the same amount as Daryl who is currently balanced right now.

Bibi has no way to heal or prevent damage which does hurt her survivability. Against the sniper bot, she can survive for 15.3 seconds which ties her for 12th place with Spike who gets to use his star power for added health.

The Race Test

Without Bibi's star power, she has a regular movement speed of 2.57 tiles per second. This would normally tie her with Frank or Rosa in terms of speed.

With her star power her regular movement speed increase by 16% giving her a movement speed of 3.07 tiles per second. Which is pretty crazy because it doesn't require anything like a super to have this ability.

The Reload Test

Bibi has an incredibly fast reload speed with a 4.65 second to unload and reload 3 shots which comes down to a reload speed of 1.55 seconds.

This is going off looking at her total reload speed which includes attack cooldown, duration, and the actual reload speed. And that means her reload speed is the same as Franks giving her the third fastest reload in the game.

The Attack and Super Test

For Bibi's regular attack she is able to deal 1820 damage whether or not her special is charged. This places her in 15th place out of the 26 Brawlers in terms of damage giving her a kind of mid-range placement.

Now, Bibi's super deals 1400 damage whenever the bubble hits an enemy target. Most of the time it's only gonna hit a target once but if you're skilled it may hit twice dealing 2800 damage.

This would actually place Bibi in 12th place for Super damage out of all Brawlers. However, in the perfect scenario where you can get 8 hits by position the bubble between two walls she can deal over 11,000 damage putting her just below Crow in terms of super damage.

The Charge Test


Now for the supercharge test Bibi is able to charge her super with 3 attacks. Against a single target, it takes her 3.2 seconds to do this.

It's nothing special as it's right around the same time frame as Jesse and Dynamike.

The Boss Test

Bibi is really interesting to watch in the boss test. She starts by pushing the bot against the wall with her special ability then she charges her super with a couple more attacks.

And because of how the walls are positioned she can hit the boss up to 4 times with her super. And because super charges super she can continuously use her super to get constant damage on it allowing her to beat the bot in a mere 22 seconds. Giving her the second place of all Brawlers in terms of boss speed.

The Swarm Test

In the Swarm test if Bibi accurately and perfect aims her super she's able to take out two rows of bots with a single super. And it does have to be perfect because the super has to bounce back perfectly as well.

It takes some time to get down but if perfectly she can clear the bot swarm in 4.2 seconds. Giving her a pretty decent clear time for it.

The Dive Test

Now, in the dive test, Bibi is able to throw out a super, run toward the turret, and barely hit it with her bat before she dies. But then her super bounces back from the Siege wall which is wider than a Brawl Ball map and it is able to hit the turret one more time.

In total, she is able to deal 4620 damage to the turret with a single dive. This puts her in 21st place out of the 26 Brawlers so it's nothing special but it does count for something.

The Push and Pull Test

Now, as far as Bibi's pushback mechanic goes we can compare the distance to other Brawlers who also have some kind of knockback. She's able to push the bot four tiles back giving her a lot of control giving her the second place spot out of all the Brawlers for knockback distance.

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