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Mr P

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Mr P Stats

Attack Damage700
Move Speed720


"Mr. P is a disgruntled luggage handler who angrily hurls suitcases at opponents. His super calls robo-porters to help him."

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Fri Aug 14 2020 3 months ago

Mr P Abilities

Your Suitecase Sir!

Mr. P throws a heavy suitcase with angry intent. If the suitcase hits an obstacle or an opponent, it bounces over them, lands with a bang, and deals area damage. Damge on hit: 700. Range: Long. Reload Speed: Normal

Porters! Attack!

Mr. P deploys the home base for his robo-porters. He has reporgrammed the small penguin-head robots to attack and harass opponents (and unruly guests). Home Base Health: 2800. Porter Health: 1500. Porter Damage: 260
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