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Crow Stats

TypeDamage Over Time
Damage Over Time
Move Speed

Crow Abilities


Primary Attack
Crow throws a triple threat of poisoned daggers. Enemies nicked by these blades will take damage over time.


Super Ability
Crow takes to the skies, throwing a ring of poisoned daggers around him both on take-off and landing.

Extra Toxic

Star Power
Crow's poison saps the strength of enemies, causing them to do 10% less damage while the poison is active.


  • Fast and very long range.
  • Poison overtime, giving him a advantage is pro longed battles.
  • Great at kiting.
  • Has invincibility frame with his super, giving him time to escape or position himself for a field advantage.


  • Lacks burst damage.
  • Super doesn't do much damage due to casting delay when he lands, allowing Brawlers to dodge easily.

Crow Tips

Poke from long range, even if you're landing a small number of hits to grind down enemy health via poison without exposing yourself to danger

by haxo2 months ago

Use Crow's super to assassinate enemies low on health from a distance

by haxo2 months ago

In Gem grab, play Crow extremely aggressively to keep enemies away from your teammates

by haxo2 months ago

Crow is a squishy, but the second fastest brawler, so learn to dodge, juke, and play with agility to stay alive

by haxo2 months ago
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Crow Videos

800 MECHA CROW - NEW StarPower + 100 Trophies in a row! // BrawlStars

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