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Bull Stats

Move Speed

Bull Abilities

Double Barrel

Primary Attack
Bull can't see ten feet, but he doesn't need to! His double barreled shotgun can blow off a barn door with ease.


Super Ability
Bull has always been headstrong. So he puts his head down and bulldozes through opponents and obstacles.


Star Power
When Bull falls below 40% health, his reload speed doubles!

Tough Guy

Star Power
When Bull falls below 40% health, he gains a shield that reduces all damage he takes by 30%.


  • High health to take on punishment.
  • A point blank shot can deal 480+ damage!
  • His super allows you to gap close on enemies that are out of your range.
  • Very good survivor and attacker in Showdown, especially down to the end.
  • Awesome character in Smash and Grab as the crystal holder.
  • His super can break walls and obstacles.


  • Short attack range, which allows long range Brawlers to kite him.
  • His super sometimes will charge you into the poison clouds in Showdown if you are not careful.
  • Not too useful in offense in Heist due to the short range.
  • Lacks any sort of crowd control skill.

Bull Tips

In Heist, Bull's close-range damage is excellent for draining health quickly

by haxo2 months ago

At close range, bull's shots do huge damage - he'll win almost every 1:1 engagement up close

by haxo2 months ago
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Bull Videos

BULL GUIDE! Best Tips/Tricks | Brawl Stars

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