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Bull Stats

Move Speed770


"Bull deals massive damage up close with his shotgun. For his Super movehe charges through barriers and knocks back enemies!"

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by BluVortex
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Bull Tier: Excellent
Sun Aug 30 2020 3 months ago

Bull Abilities

Bull's Double Barrel

Double Barrel

Primary Attack
Bull can't see ten feet, but he doesn't need to! His double barreled shotgun can blow off a barn door with ease.
Bull's Bulldozer


Super Ability
Bull has always been headstrong. So he puts his head down and bulldozes through opponents and obstacles.
Bull's Berserker


Star Power
When Bull falls below 40% health, his reload speed doubles!
Bull's Tough Guy

Tough Guy

Star Power
When Bull falls below 40% health, he gains a shield that reduces all damage he takes by 30%.


  • High health to take on punishment.
  • A point blank shot can deal 480+ damage!
  • His super allows you to gap close on enemies that are out of your range.
  • Very good survivor and attacker in Showdown, especially down to the end.
  • Awesome character in Smash and Grab as the crystal holder.
  • His super can break walls and obstacles.


  • Short attack range, which allows long range Brawlers to kite him.
  • His super sometimes will charge you into the poison clouds in Showdown if you are not careful.
  • Not too useful in offense in Heist due to the short range.
  • Lacks any sort of crowd control skill.
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Bull Tips

At close range, bull's shots do huge damage - he'll win almost every 1:1 engagement up close

by haxoa year ago

In Heist, Bull's close-range damage is excellent for draining health quickly

by haxoa year ago
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