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Turn Diao Chan To Killing Machine

by GamerHub
Nov 28, 2019
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The Guide


- When you spell ultimate skill and the enemies are running away from the spell area. You can use Flicker (Talent) to follow them. Move the position while continuous spelling. WATCH OUT!! if you get stun by enemies the ultimate will be stop immediately.

- Diao Chan is a heroes can slow enemies down by use "Chilling Frost". First time the enemies will slow down for 2 seconds and if you use Chilling Frost again to the same target or any enemies that have a mark on the head the enemies will become rooted for 1 second and follow up to spell "Diamond Dust" to froze enemies.

- Remember that Diao Chan is weak against with Marksman heroes. Avoid to encounter with Marksman alone. But in case of you encounter to Marksman incidentally, use Chilling Frost to slow enemies down and run away but if you cannot leave from them you can use "Diamond Dust" for run away from them by predict the time and spell on the point that you stand when the enemies access to you the enemies will be frozen and you can run away.  

Remember that you will be a stronger player easily if you get hard practice.

And remember that study time come first.

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