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Ultimate Alice Guide

by haxo
Mar 03, 2020
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Skill Order


Item Builds

Roaming / No OOM / Slow / CC Spam / Life / AP
+101 AP / +10% Magic Life Steal / + 7% Cooldown

Strong Against


Weak Against

Ultimate Alice Guide by Didy

Hermes for early Roaming. Blue Buff steal etc.

Bracelet is enough for mana. Never oom. No need for Necklace! 

Fast Frostys! Only 1080 cost for Hermes and Bracelet.

Aegis for CC, Shild, Ult Spam and Armor Bonus. (With Arcana %37 Cooldown)

Holy and Hecates for Life and AP!

Disrupt (Tower Dive) is must have Skill for Alice!

First skill Sunshine (CC) than Sunshine and Friendship equal leveling.

At all "Strong Against Heroes" always wait until they launch their ult too counter it with Alice CC or Ult!

I think that say enough.


Didy | Rob#7971

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