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Magic Valhein Fun AP Mage Build

by haxo
Mar 03, 2020
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Hello everyone and welcome to another guide for AP Valhein. This build is highly not recommended to play in ranks, especially in the higher rating games. Feel free to try it out and play in the standard matches, AP Valhein is extremely fun to play and its unique. The purpose of this build is not to beat or counter any high tier picks. Its purely for entertainment!

But about Valhein himself, he is actually good with Magic items because all his abilities, including passive scales well with magic power! Without further ado, lets go on with it.


“Mankind’s only hope during the century-long vampire war.”

Valhein was not born a famous vampire hunter. A pious man, he did not believe in superstitions or folklore. This changed while traveling to Romania to claim an inheritance left for him. The journey robbed Valhein of the possibility of a normal life. Helpless and horrified, Valhein could do nothing as Dracula abducted and murdered his wife. His world shattered, Valehin swore vengeance upon the Nosferatu and his entire species!

“I hereby swear in the name of God that I shall defeat all the dark powers lurking within the shadows. I will battle the vampire scourge until my last breath!” A man possessed,this solemn vow became his singular driving force.

Valhein sought out vampires wherever they nested, and one by one he slew each and every one of them. When the last had crumbled to dust at his feet, Valehin felt a sudden and certain emptiness. An ethereal voice called out to him “You have dared to do what few mortals in the history could have done. You have fought back against the creatures of night and triumphed. Yet darkness takes on many forms, vampires were but one of many. ” As the voice spoke, Valehin felt himself renewed. It continued,  “Please lend aid, there are other terrors, demons which only you are capable of vanquishing.”

Valhein steeled himself for his new vigil, as demon hunter.

Loki's Curse and Apocalypse

Although we are building Valhein as a mage, but he still relies on his basic attack to deal more damage by proc-ing the Glaives from his passive. Lokis Curse and Apocalypse boosts your next basic attack damage output with magic damage after you have cast abilities. Surprisingly, both of these items doesnt work like Frost Cape and Omni Arms because Lokis Curse and Apocalypse stacks meanwhile the other two dont! 

Both of these items will help Valhein powerspike more than any other item in the game.

Valhein's Glaives

Every third attack basic attack becomes a Glaive that has random additional effect and it deals magic damage AND scale based on both attack and magic damage. Glaives deals damage on towers too!

Blue Glaive - Deals the lowest damage and recovers Valheins mana by a small percentage.

Yellow Glaive - The most useful at most times. Deals average damage and stuns the enemy target.

Red Glaive - Highest damage. Deals magic damage in an area of effect.


As AP Valhein, you are playing as a mage and also a marksman. Remember, positioning is very important as an marksman. However due to your passive, re-positioning can be quite easy when you land a point blank ultimate or just simply land a couple of glaives. You will have a lot of burst damage once you reach the mid to late game and have decent mobility, thanks to your passive. Valhein is trong in early game because the amount of crowd controls he has that could gank the other lane easily.

Laning Phase

During the early game, it is best that you power farm all the way and jungle (or counter jungle) till you are level 4 and get a few items. You can also roam around and gank with your team members once you sort of shoved your lane. Valheins second ability has a considerable range point and click stun, which makes it a good ganking tool to easily secure a kill for you and your team. Once you get around 3-4 items, you become a monster and can almost 1v1 any carries in the game, simply use Curse of Death to stun them, then go in for a point blank ultimate to deal a huge amount of burst damage to 1-2 shot the enemies. If your enemy somehow survives your burst, your passive grants you a huge movement speed boost for you to either runaway and regroup to your team OR kite back or chase your remaining enemies and finish them off with your basic attacks/abilities.


As AP Valhein, your role and positioning are similar to marksman. Always be wary of your position and always get your team to peel and protect you as you are extremely vulnerable and squishy; assassins love to eat you for breakfast, lunch and dinner but luckily, thanks to your Curse of Death, you have a point and click stun which can be a one-time get out of jail card and also your passive, which can also be RNG/luck based, can also provide you with a stun glaive to save yourself. You can also initiate team fights by picking off overextended enemies with your stuns and proceed for an easy 4v5. Also, remember to basic attack and move forward/backwards in teamfights, this is one of Valhein’s signature strengths and it differentiates the good Valheins from the bad ones. Your passive gives you a lot of movement speed and allows you to constantly get close or kite backwards to/from your enemies.


-Your passive gives you random glaive, keep basic attacking for more consistent damage.

-Your ultimate deals way lot more damage when the bullet hits the same target multiple times. (Point Blank)

-Abuse your target-lock stun in the early game to gank your enemies.




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