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Lu Bu Solo Dark Slayer lane

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Jan 05, 2020
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The Guide


Welcome to a Lu Bu guide. You will find everything about Lu Bu, its strength & weaknesses. Let me introduce more about myself and why you should trust me! My name is TripleC and Ive been writing plenty of hero guides. I played in the SEA Garena server, and I have to say Im quite addicted to the game. Im currently Master Tier, season 1 (Its about to end!). Lets ignore about servers for a second, Lu Bu is one of the best Dark Slayer solo laners in the game. Lu Bu is played in both ranked games and competitive games such as the AIC (Asia International Championship). These items builds are the best choice currently, and also the most built by the high ranked players. 

About Lu Bu and Lore


"You submit? How dare you submit!"

Sitting upon his mighty steed, Red Hare, Lu Bu looked down upon his enemies, prostrate and shaking in horror, and found them inadequate. He could not suppress this anger for much longer. Such victories meant nothing to him. What he desired was a good fight with a real opponent. He loved nothing more than pushing himself when in danger, and that was how he came to be known as the "Peerless Warlord."

Lu Bu began to reminisce of his battle against Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei at Hulao Gate. It did indeed seem unfair to fight against the three of them, but Lu Bu was accustomed to these kinds of odds. Truth be told, it was highly unlikely that any other mortal could match him in single combat.

"Tell me, am I the strongest warrior in the world?"

Lu Bu seldom showed his gentle side as he shone resplendently in his armor. The enchanting Diaochan smiled sweetly at this, and fished out a note from her sleeve.

"There may be no one in this world worth fighting with. But, my General, how about the opponents in Heaven? Would you care to battle against them?"

"In Heaven?! Thats it!"

Lu Bu could not hide the excitement in his eyes.

About Lu Bu

Lu Bu is a manaless fighter,warrior and also a duelist. He is best at solo lane, especially a Dark Slayer lane. He could secretly take down the Dark Slayer with the jungle without the enemy knowing, grants the entire team a huge lead. He is based on basic attacks and abilities both in dealing damage, and life steal in surviving. Lu Bu almost doesnt have any weaknesses when it comes to 1v1 in the Dark Slayer lane. He could even 1v2 against the enemies when played properly. Lu Bu is not an assassin, but he could take down enemy back lines quickly.

Pros & Cons


-Lu Bu can duel anyone 1v1, barely loses his lane

-Very strong early and mid game

-Huge life steals from ultimate

-No mana pool, abilities doesnt cost anything

-High damage



-Vulnerable to crowd control, Lu Bu has to keep hitting a target for life steal.

-When Red Stallion is on cooldown, you get kited easily

Items Section

This item would be your first item if you are planning to take Punish. Overall its a very good item. It has everything Lu Bu needs, it grants you bonus magic damage against enemy health percentage, which makes enemy harder to itemize their defensive items. If you are not a big fan of this item, its fine. The Execute path is more than viable.

One of the best items for Lu Bu. It grants you +80 Attack Damage, +15% Cooldown Speed and +150 Armor with an unique passive to shatter up to -250 armor for a price of 2060 gold. With Lu Bus combo, you can easily stack up 5 times of this unique passive.

Only buy this when you are against two or more basic attack based enemy hero. Otherwise, Gilded Greaves would be the better choice most of the times.

Most of the times you would be choosing this over Sonic Boots, because you have lots of armor from your core items already. Some Attack Damage heroes does magic damage as well.

Best tank-offensive items in shop. Cooldown speed, tons of armor and max HP. With short cooldowns abilities, you can proc a lot of Frost Power which deals bonus damage and reduce enemy movement speed. 

You should be fairly tanky by now. Its time to increase your attack speed for more life steal and damage at the same time. This item will help you do everything easier. Skip this if you have Soulreaver

In my opinion, this item is really, really good on Lu Bu. You could actually comeback from near-death experience with this item passive + your life steal and proceeds to kill the enemy back lines. It also gives you more armor and magic resist.

Best magic defensive items. You wouldnt need this too early, life steal and the magic resist from Gilded Greaves and Hercules Madness would help you survive from magic damage.

The items above are the item you are going to buy 99% of the games. The best build path by far. Consists of both offensive and defensive treats.

Lu Bu's Combo and Tricks

P.S. - Please mute/ignore the wind noises from the video. It might irritates you. Had microphone turned on by accident.

Lu Bu Basic Combo - Red Stallion

Basically, its just Red Stallion > Basic Attack > Red Stallion > Basic Attack > Red Stallion > Basic Attack. Why? Its to maximize your damage, way lot more than just spamming Red Stallion x3. it can also life steal while you are under "Conqueror" effect. And also helps reduce the cooldown of your Impale, which granted from your passive (Martial Master).

Lu Bu Combo - Red Stallion + Impale

Its same as the basic combo, but you Impale first. After the basic combo, you can impale again. (Assuming you have cooldown reduction from items).

Lu Bu Full Combo

Impale first, proceeds to Basic Combo, Impale halfway, finish your combo and you can impale again! This can be done when you have Frost Cape + Spear of Longinus which grants you total of 25% cooldown reduction. Takes time to get use to the controls, but you will get it!

Lu Bu - Red Stallion Wall Hop

You can jump over most of the walls in game with your Red Stallion THREE TIMES! It can be tricky at first. Take some time to learn and focus.

Gameplay & Tips

Lu Bu is a very strong early game. You can always use him to "cheese" against the enemy in the lane at level 1 or 2 to get a quick First Blood. What is "cheesing" ?
Cheesing means surprising your enemy at level 1 or 2 to burst them down, get a quick First Blood, take advantage and snowballs into the game. 

Lu Bu has surprisingly good level 1 and 2 damage and trade. You can almost out-trade anyone in the game. Dont be afraid to trade some for your health to deal some damage. For example, after the trade you sacrificed 30% of your maximum health in exchange of enemies laner 50-60% health. Itll be totally worth it. You could even set up a dive with your jungler when the enemy is low.

If you make them low enough, such as 10-20% health, it gives you major advantage and it opened up two options, depends on the enemy choices. If the enemy decided to stay in lane with their extremely low health bar, you push the lane out, and keep pressure under turret, and you could even set up a tower dive. Be aware of enemy jungle, it could turn out bad if you tower dive at a wrong time. If the enemy decided to recall and leave the lane, you could push out and deny some of the minions and push the turret.

(Denying minions = pushing out the lane as soon as possible so that the tower will start attacking your minions, killing it without your enemy laner taking any experience or gold from the minion wave)

When playing in the Dark Slayer lane, and especially as Lu Bu, you have to keep an eye out of your laner. If hes gone missing, he would be probably try to roam and gank your allies or contest Abyssal Dragon. You have two choices here, you can either push out the lane, push the tower, steal some enemy jungle camps (safe choice) or, try to follow up and counter whatever your enemy is planning to do (risky choice). You could end up wasting a lot of experience, time and gold if you do so and did not get any kills or objectives. 

As Lu Bu, you will always want keep the lane under your control, pushing it out and take the jungle vision monster and also the Mini-Dragon infront of Dark Slayer. You could also steal the first jungle camp above the Mini-Dragon to slow down enemy jungle and more gold/experience for yourself. You dont ever have to recall back to base. Feel free to use your ultimate, Conqueror to life steal health from minions or jungle. 

Always focus on farming and playing aggressive as possible. Too aggressive might open yourself to enemy gank. Seeing the map every few seconds is vital. Be aware of everything. 

During mid-game, with Frost Cape and Spear of Longinus completed, you can try to ask your jungler to kill the Dark Slayer with the rest of your teammates pressuring some other lanes or jungle. If you did managed to strike the Dark Slayer down, itll be a huge advantage for your team. Your enemies would be trying to avoid teamfights, where you could try and get as much as objectives as possible. If for some reason teamfight occurs, your team would be at a great advantage from the Dark Slayer buffs. 

In teamfight, your job is to kill the enemy back line while staying alive. You dont have to rush into the enemy back line first, you can start with hitting the enemy front line, or wait till they get too comfortable. The other option would be flanking, hiding from a side or behind, waiting for enemy to get too defenseless, and just jump into their back lines to kill their main carries. 

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