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The Kunoichi
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Airi Stats

Gold Cost18888
Voucher Cost1199
Max HP3543
Armor Pierce0%
Magic Defense80|11.7%
Attack Damage168
Ability Power0
Max Mana0
Movement Speed380
Magic Pierce0%
Attack Speed0%
Critical Chance0%
Critical Damage200%
Life Steal0%
Magic Life Steal0%
Cooldown Speed0%
Attack RangeMelee
HP Per 5 Seconds61
Mana Per 5 Seconds0
Magic Life Steal0%
Constitution Rating3
Attack Damage Rating10
Ability Damage Rating4
Difficulty Rating9
Attack Damage168
Critical Chance0%
Life Steal0%
Cooldown Speed0%
Cooldown Speed0%

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Airi Abilities


Airi charges in the specified direction and deals 100 (+75% of AD) physical damage to enemies in her way. THis ability can be cast three times in a row before triggering the cooldown.


Airi leaps up and summons a spirit that deals 250 (+93% of AD) physical damage and reduces enemies' movement speed. Then she strikes the ground, deals the same amount of damage and stun s affected enemies. She also gains a shield that absorbs 250 (+80% of AD)damage for every hero hit. Airi is immune to control effects during the ability, gains 100% movement bonus that decreases over 2.5 seconds and 30% attack speed for 5 seconds.


Airi slings her skuriken to slice enemies along the path, dealing 250 (+120% of AD) physical damage and stunning enemies in her path.


Each normal attack reduces Spin cooldown by 1 second on hit.

Airi Guide

Airi is a female ninja who can easily tear the enemy team apart with exceptional mobility. Airi can charge three times into the enemy's backline then retreat successfully after scoring a kill. When there is no tank in the team Airi can build half tanky and initiate fights using her ultimate. If her team lacks damage Airi can build as a full assassin and try nuking down the enemy carries and teamfights. Overall Airi is an all-rounded fighter.


Passive - Slash

Each normal attack reduces spins cooldown by one second. Airi should try to weave in normal attacks between skills in order to refresh the cooldown of Spin. Therefore, items that increase attack speed are very suitable for Airi.

Ability 1 - Spin

Airi slingd her shuriken to slice enemies along the path dealing physical damage and stunning enemies in her path. Since Airi doesn't consume mana Spin is free to cast and can be used to quickly clear waves and to interrupt enemies spell-casting.

Ability 2 - Shadow

Airi charges in the specified direction and deals physical damage to enemies in her way. This ability can be cast three times in a row before triggering the cooldown. Shadow can be used consecutively for three times and pass through walls. Airi can use Shadow to get around terrain in order to sneak attack enemies from their backs.

Ultimate - Ryuu

Airi leaps up and summons a spirit that deals physical damage and reduces enemy's movement speed then she strikes the ground, deals the same amount of damage and stuns affected enemies. She also gains a shield that absorbs damage for every hero hit. Airi is immune to control effects during the ability gains a 100 percent movement bonus that diminishes over 2.5 seconds and 30 percent attack speed for 5 seconds. Ryuu can be used to keep out enemies controls.

When Airi hits a target with Ryuu, she gains a protective shield and bonus movement speed. Therefore, Ryuu can be cast when Airi is running low and looking for escape.

As a warrior Airi can deal more damage by using her skill combo here's how it works. Use shadow to charge on to the enemy then cast spin to stun him followed by Ryuu to continually stun the target and deal massive damage.

If the enemy tries to escape Airi can cast shadow again to chase down and complete the kill with normal attacks. In the early game a fighter without mana Airi can use spin constantly to harass the enemy.

After pushing the waves Airi can stand in the brushes in order to hide her trails from enemies. This will also increase the hit rate when Airi casts spin. If Airi is the jungler don't forget to buy the hunter's crossbow which can greatly increase the speed of clearing jungle monsters.

Since Airi can charge 3 times she should always assist her teammates with the might buff and the help of her teammates. It's easy to outnumber the enemies and score some early kills. In the mid and late game Airi can either protect your allies or charge forward to initiate a teamfight.

If her items are half tanky Airi can use spin and Ryuu to stun the enemies and ensure teammates damage. If her items are mostly for damage then enter the fights after the enemies are fully engaged. Then unleash massive damage and clear the battle using her great mobility.


Dragons dwelled inside the body of their newest descendant, Airi the Kunoichi. Her every breath seemed to exhibit the power of dragons.

Many ninja clans had only come into existence recently, but the mysterious Oriental Dragons had been around for generations. This reclusive clan of ninjas loyally protect the peace and tranquility of the realm using the power of ancient dragons. As the leader of a new generation of ninjas, Airi had not only inherited the title of "Kunoichi", her incredible talents had also earned the approval of the Ancient Dragon. She has been bestowed with the almighty Dragon's Mark as well.

As night engulfed day, the elite NInjas led by Airi rushed to save the Temple of Light from the evil forces that surrounded it. using her shadow clone ability, Airi passed with ease through the savage bombardment of black magic. The iron wall made up of thousands of Fallen crumpled beneath her feet. She transformed herself into a sharp blade and hurled herself straight at Maloch, the commander of the Demon Army, leaving a bloody trail of corpses in her wake.

Airi took more and more wounds as she fought her way towards Maloch. By the time she finally reached him, she had defeated nearly all of his demon guards. Airi was punished for her actions with three more mortal wounds. With her strength depleted, Airi realized that she wouldn't stand a chance in a drawn-out battle, so she activated the last bit of power in her Dragon's Mark, raise her blade and sliced at Maloch. In that moment, Maloch was unable to lift his own weapon. He was so overcome by the unleashed dragon spirit that he could only use his demon wings to shield himself from Airi's attacks.

The blade rose and fell. Blood hotter than lava gushed out from a wound in Maloch's chest and the impregnable demon wings were tattered. The force from Airi's blade had completely stripped the invincible commander of his combat abilities. Maloch was forced to return to the demon abyss to recover and, in turn, left the demon army their demise.

Airi's determination, demonstrated in this battle, immediately earned her the respect of everyone. Even the most despicable of demons could not hide their fear of Airi's blade.

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