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Top 5 Heroes to Get to Conqueror

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Oct 13, 2018
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Arena of Valor and it's competitive eSports scene has been really successful in the world of mobile gaming. Despite it's eSports scene, ranked matches has been really competitive as well. Ranked match is a game mode in Arena of Valor, where players are earning stars or losing them. Winning a game earns you a star and losing a game results in losing a star. Every player competes in ranked matches to prove their worth.

Conqueror is the highest rank that a player could ever achieve. To be conqueror, it is required to be "Master" rank first. You will need to compete against other players and reach in the Top 50 rank of master tiers to get to Conqueror. Beware, it is not an easy job and it takes a lot of game knowledge, skill and especially time. One of the most important key to Conqueror is not to give up.

Without further ado, here are the Top 5 Heroes to Get to Conqueror. These heroes will help your journey of climbing towards Conqueror. It is important to pick accordingly based on team composition and your teammates but these are the heroes that could "hard-carry" your teammates and bring your team to victory.


5. Violet

Violet is a high damage marksman who is powerful in the role of jungling. The reason why she is so good in the jungle is because of the clearing speed and mobility that she can abuse against enemy players. Violet has an empowered long ranged attack known as Tactical Fire which can be used to poke or burst down enemies. Tactical Fire can roll over obstacles or walls to provide safety or jungle clearing speed. It also scales really well with attack damage items which makes it really powerful.

Violet could solo carry games in the right hands. She may be squishy and easily focused but once she is snowballed through the game with a kill or a major objective lead, she could be deadly. Easy to play, hard to master. If you love playing marksman, you should try out Lindis jungle as well. Valhein laning with the most recent buffed Blitz Blade and tanky build is really powerful too.

Recommended Build - Soulreaver ~ Gilded Greaves ~ Rankbreaker ~ Claves Sancti ~ Omni Arms ~ Optional


4. Zephys

Since it's the marksman jungle meta, Zephys is a heavy counter against them especially in the solo queue ranked games. Zephys has good amount of burst, sustain, and mobility. Basically, he is a "jack-of-all-trades". This fighter-assassin is excels in catching enemies off-guard, especially enemy carries. Taking out an enemy carry out of a teamfight can be game-changing for either tower siege or jungle objectives.

Takes time to get used to his abilities but overall a good jungler and easy to play.

Recommended Build - Leviathan ~ Gilded Greaves ~ Rankbreaker ~ Frost Cape ~ Optional


3. Liliana

A heavy burst mage who has long ranged nukes, close range attacks and insane amount of mobility. Liliana is still a very powerful pick as a mid laner, her early game can be a little slow because she needs her core items to power-spike, then she can start doing her things. Liliana's second ability "Reiki Shot" while in Fox Form can be used to zone enemy carries away which is crucial in a teamfight. Blinding Light + Shining Light with Boomstick is such a powerful combo to burst or poke down enemy carries quickly, then Fox Form into safety.

There is no doubt that she could carry games but she is not an easy hero to play, not at all.

Recommended Build - Orb of the Magi ~ Gilded Greaves ~ Boomstick ~ Hecate's Diadem ~ Optional


2. Murad

The highest outplaying potential hero in the game. If you have/like extreme mechanic skills, this is your hero. Murad has TWO abilities that could dodge most abilities casted by enemy heroes in the game. Murad is a hero for perfectionist, one small mistake and you would get caught off-guard. Not recommended to bring Murad into ranked matches for beginners or those who has never played Murad. Feel free to train and master Murad in normal games, once you get the hang of it, you would be an absolute carry machine.

Recommended Build - Soulreaver ~ War Boots ~ Rankbreaker ~ Omni Arms ~ Fenrir's Tooth/Muramasa ~ Optional


1. Kriknak

The reason why I put Kriknak in Top 1 is because he has insane amount of mobility and burst, it's unbelievable. On top of being easy to play, all you have to learn is his simple burst combo, jungle route and macro plays. Kriknak could rotate so quickly and easily if needed. Very quick jungle clearing speed and has the best escape tool in game. In another word, Kriknak has everything you need to carry games.

Recommended Build - Soulreaver ~ Gilded Greaves ~ Rankbreaker ~ Fenrir's Tooth ~ Muramasa ~ Blade of Eternity


Final Thoughts

This "Top 5" list might seem biased to certain players but in my opinion, these are the best heroes to master to climb to conqueror. Don't be discouraged, I'm not saying that your favorite hero that is not on the list isn't the best choice for you to climb but these are the "hardest solo queue carries". There are many other viable, strong and powerful heroes out there but I couldn't fit them all into the list at the same time.

Being Conqueror, it's not just about picking the "meta" or "overpowered" heroes. There are so much more than that such as your decision making, macro plays, objective focus and more. For my personal favorite choice of hero to climb ranks, it would be Lindis. She is strong as Violet, if not stronger as a marksman in the jungle role. The reason why I chose her is because I loved her fast-paced gameplay and being a marksman. Here's a gameplay video of Lindis by Simjo in Conqueror.


Feel free to let us know what is your "Top 5" list to get to Conqueror in the comments below.

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