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The Only Murad Build

by GamerHub
Nov 28, 2019
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The Guide


Get level 4 as soon as possible.
Get level 4 as soon as possible.
Get level 4 as soon as possible. This is pretty important so I repeated three times :)

Use NC(Neutral Creeps)/Minions to activate your ulti before get into team fight. And, always leave some lane-side NCs so you can help ganking while you have your ultimate activated.
DONT EVER BE GREEDY, if the enemies are low hp but your skills are all on cd, do not chase. Greed and hesitation might get you killed.
2nd skills armor pierce effect is very useful when jungling, make sure you measure the skill distance properly so it may improve your farming efficiency.
Fenrirs tooth is the core damage for murad, farming is important so do the ganks. After you get your core items, stopped playing your lonely RPG game, help your teammate on laning and ganking.

can be replaced by when   is cd-ing, vice versa.

can replace if therere enemies with strong life-steal abilities(Lubu) or rapid HP regens(Taara).

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