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Hyper Carry Crit Wukong

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Nov 28, 2019
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The Guide


Greetings everyone! Before I start, I would like to introduce myself so you will have an idea on what you are stepping upon. My name is TripleC, Ive been playing MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) in my entire gaming career. Ive played many different varieties of MOBAs and of course, Arena of Valor is my favorite by far. Im currently Master Tier in SEA server. Today, Ill be sharing a Wukong Build and Guide to show everyone how to carry games and play Wukong as effective as possible.

About Wukong and it's Lore


"My magic staff is getting rusty!"

After completing the journey to the west, Wukong earned the title, "Victorious Fighting Buddha" for all his accomplishments, and he got to stay at Purva-videha to enjoy all the donations from the mortals. However, such a peaceful life was not suitable for the restless Wukong, who always thought about his days of adventuring on the Silk Road.

Wukong had traveled thousands and thousands of miles by foot, and survived 81 tribulations. With the staff in hand, he defeated countless fierce monsters, increasing the body count along the way to the West. Wukong was never warm-hearted or well-behaved. Had he not been on Gautama Buddhas leash, he would have gotten into fights every day, even after becoming a god.

When the crisis of Athanor spread to Purva-videha, Wukong knew that it was the chance he had been waiting for. Pretending to investigate the crisis, Wukong volunteered to head for Athanor, where he returned to his old self, alerting all heroes to his presence.

As divinity tends to attract one another, Ilumia the Seer was the first to converse with Wukong. By her invitation, Wukong became one of the members of the Holy Hall and enjoyed the donations with the other deities. Ilumia promised that Wukong would not be bound by rules as long as he did no harm to Vedä. In other words, Wukong could battle any enemy hero at any time.

"Ive been idle for 500 years. I cant wait any longer!"

About Wukong

Wukong is a critical strike-based hero who can an unbelievable tons of damage on the enemies either when they are alone, or in a group. Wukong is very item dependent and his active abilities literally doesnt do any damage except for his ultimate even though, his ultimates damage itself couldnt be compare by any other heroes ultimate, its way too low to be focused on. 99.99% of Wukong damage came from the passive ability (God Of War) and basic attack itself. God of War scales extremely well and powerful with items and especially critical strike items, this is why items are so crucial if you want to be dealing any damage at all.

Pros And Cons


  • Extremely high damage, probably one of the highest damage assassin in game.
  • Critical strikes scales extremely well.
  • Decent jungle clearing speed
  • Marksman and Mages killing machine
  • Very versatile abilities, can be used for outplaying mechanism


  • Extremely squishy
  • No damage abilities, highly depend on items
  • Crowd control is a major problem
  • Weak early game
  • Extremely weak in lane vs warriors like Lu Bu

Items Section

 Soulreaver - The best jungle item for AD-Scaling heroes. It helps Wukong scale really well to late game and also helps farming jungle a lot faster. Always a first item unless youre going Top Wukong.

 Sonic Boots - Counters heavy Attack Damage enemy team.


Gilded Greaves - Counters Ability Damage / Crowd Control enemy team.

 Claves Sancti - One of your most important core items to buy. Attack Damage + Critical Chance. You are not playing Wukong properly if you dont get this.

 Slikks Sting - Attack Speed, Critical Chance, Critical Damage, everything Wukong needs, mainly the critical damage and critical chance. CORE ITEM. Always a 3rd item/4th item, after Claves Sancti, Boots and/or Soulreaver.

 Muramasa - You have enough damage by now, now get some armor pierce to pierce through those filthy armors.

Omni Arms - Even more damage! This will always be your last item. 

 The Beast - You dont usually need this unless under two circumstances. 1, you are a Laning Wukong, buy this after your core critical items. 2, you are way too rich, sell Soulreaver and buy The Beast.

Ancestral Glory - Buy this instead of Omni Arms if you have problem sustaining. Or, replace with boots when you are late game. Sell this whenever its on cooldown to buy some other useful items.

Gameplay & Plans

Early Game

As a jungler - Start out with jungle Hunters Crossbow, clear your jungle starting from Blue and all the way to Red. You will be Level 4 with your ultimate by then, try to gank either mid or bottom if possible. If you get lucky crits, its usually a kill. Try to get sentinel and dragon, mostly objectives with your team. Dont roam too much, you will fall behind. Always farm and farm. Only roam when necessary, or you have no jungle left. You can try to contest dragon or make a successful gank so the enemy couldnt try to contest it.

As a dark slayer solo laner - You will always lose lane, especially against Lu Bu, DONT ever try to trade with Lu Bu, you will lose 99.99% most of the time. Especially when all your abilities are on cooldown, youre most likely dead. Wukong is extremely weak in lane, but if you managed to push out your lane and open some spaces, feel free to take the vision mini-dragon for bonus gold. Otherwise, hide under your turret range and wait for the minions to shove in. Wait for the jungle to gank or pressure the map. You might feel helpless, but you gotta know you will own the game when you have your core items.

Mid Game to Late Game

You will have your core items by now. You are going to be the one who make things happen. Try to push turrets either with your team, or split pushing. Objectives is key to victory. Try to sneak/snipe the Dark Slayer with another warrior/tank while the other 3 of your members are pressuring the map. If you successfully got the Dark Slayer, try to catch someone off-guard, control the enemy jungle, push out all lanes and slowly push the turrets. Somehow, you might find an enemy making mistakes which cause an ace or even a clean ace for your team. You can even roam around and catch some enemy alone clearing jungle or minions, if you do so, you have open up spaces for your team to push and get objectives.

Always be patient before jumping into a team fight, when the enemy marksman/mages are too comfortable with dealing damage to your front lines, that is the time where you should jump in, smack them hard with your critical strikes and burst them down. If you catch them off-guard, you could get an easy double or even triple kill for yourself and there is nothing left but the enemy front lines to deal with your entire team. Your job is to assassinate the enemy carries, remember that. If you die before doing so, its gonna be bad.

Remember, always basic attack after every abilities youve cast. Make use of your God of War passive to deal tons of damage.

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