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Carry Yourself To Diamond With Violet

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Nov 28, 2019
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Hello everyone and welcome to a guide about Violet. Getting into Diamond rank is pretty simple when you got the hang of it! Especially when below Diamond rank, there is no ban phase. Which means you can easily abuse an "overpowered" top tier hero to grind your way up! Playing Violet is easy, mastering her is hard.

Violet is a hyper-carry marksman who could be extremely lethal and dangerous during late game. You could basically 2-3 shot the enemy carries with the Tactical Fire + basic attack combo. Ill explain more further in this guide about item builds, arcana choices and tips & tricks!


"My gunshots are the reminders of the vampire menace."

During the War of Stakes, Violet rose to fame by headhunting a new breed of vampires called Princes. The abilities of these new vampires were unorthodox yet advanced: their offensive strategies involved the casting of spells to produce fireballs and lightning. Some had the ability of flight as well. The Princes abilities provided them with great advantages not easily overpowered. Only the likes of Violet, who had undergone extensive training, could rival these unnatural forces and their magic.

The more Princes she killed, the more of a threat she became, and the more her name was known throughout the Princes ranks. Their collectively seething hatred for Violet amplified their desires to destroy her. It motivated them to commit immense amount of efforts to launch long-distance attacks on her army.

Her most powerful weapon was her personal firearm, the Rose of Fate, which won countless battles for her; unfortunately, It was destroyed by a fireball. Violet immediately became weaker and her army began to falter. This enraged her. She vowed to defeat them at all costs, not allowing the loss of her weapon to prevent that from ever happening.

"If vampires feed on humans, then we shall feed on the vampires!"

Pros & Cons


  • Extremely high damage
  • Long range burst
  • Good clear speed in both jungle and lane
  • Good pusher
  • Deadly when getting kills and snowballs
  • Short cool down mobility


  • Squishy
  • Can be very vulnerable to ganks early
  • Vulnerable to assassins and fighters, requires peeling from team

Arcanas Explained

In my opinion, Arcanas are extremely important especially when you wants to win more games. A full Tier 3 Arcana Page is almost equivalent as a completed item, sometimes even more.

Red Arcanas - You will only want only Atrocity and thats it, there isnt any other option that could compete with this Arcana. 10 Atrocity grants you 16% critical chance which helps a lot in both early and late game. Its extremely useful and powerful.

Purple Arcanas - Guerrilla x5 and Reave x5. In total, it will grant you 5% Attack speed and Movement speed and 8% lifesteal. The attack speed and movement speed will helps a lot with your jungle speed. The lifesteal is extremely important. You could basically heal to maximum health after clearing some jungle camps and/or lane minions. In this case, you dont ever have to waste your time recalling back to base to recover unless you are out of mana pool, which isnt a problem since you are getting blue buff most of the time.

Green Arcanas - The one and only Skewer. Grants you total of 64 Armor Pierce and 9 Attack Damage. Its really helpful in early game. The piercing is going to make Violet deals even more damage and also clearing jungle quicker. 

Do not ever buy Tier 1 or 2 Arcanas. ONLY TIER 3.

Item Build

Standard Jungle/Mid Violet Build (Highest Damage)

Soulreaver (First Item always) - This jungling item is extremely powerful for scaling and early game. Its a must buy! Unless youre not taking Punish. You dont have to be a jungler to take punish! You can always solo mid lane with Soulreaver, snowballs yourself into late game. Skip this item and proceed to Rankbreaker, then boots if you are really persistent to take Flicker or other spells..

Boots (Second) - There is three choices. Sonic Boots, Gilded Greaves or War Boots. Buy Sonic Boots if you are against heavily attack damage based team, Gilded Greaves if ability damage and crowd control, War Boots if you want to be more offensive. They are all good and viable choices.

Rankbreaker - Grants you attack damage and armor pierce. Overall a powerful item to buy on Violet. Deals tons of damage whenever you critical strikes with these massive armor pierce from Rankbreaker and your Arcanas.

Claves Sancti - Increases your critical strike chances by 30%, which puts you at total of 46% critical chance. Its good enough to rely in teamfights or in duels. And also, attack damage.

Omni Arms - Violets first ability, Tactical Fire has a really short cooldown. It would proc Omni Arms Passive to deal even more damage. Extremely deadly. You can really poke or burst someone down by just Tactical Firing.

Muramasa - Grants you more attack damage! And most importantly, % armor pierce. Now, you will have more than enough damage. Muramasa would helps you deal even more damage against those who buys armor items. 

Frost Cape Build

Soulreaver > Boots > Claves Sancti > Frost Cape > Muramasa > Fenrirs Tooth


Tips & Tricks and Gameplay

Tips & Tricks

  1. You can always Tactical Fire first, while hiding in bush or out of vision, then wait for a few seconds, walk in front to basic attack your enemy, then Tactical Fire again to basic attack another time. Cooldown starts after you Tactical Fire and the bullet still holds if you havent fire!
  2. Sometimes its really hard to use Fire in the Hole, you gotta need experience and training for this.
  3. Feel free to use Concussive Rounds (Ultimate) to clear minions, jungle camps, Dragon and Dark Slayer quickly. Unless you know you are about to enter a teamfight or duel in the next 10 second.
  4. Jungle Violet is the best and recommended choice. Highest experience and gold which is required if you wants to carry as a Violet.
  5. Dont ever spam basic attack during a teamfight unless you know that you are going to be safe.
  6. Dont ever stand in the same position whenever you are dueling or in a teamfight. Kite around, walk around a safe zone and deal damage.
  7. Set your auto target settings to Lowest HP (Amount).
  8. Tactical Fire can tumble between walls to escape or chase.
  9. Learn to aim Concussive Rounds, its really easy to miss on a moving target if you just let it auto-cast.


I highly recommend Violet in the jungle, you could abuse the experience and gold from jungle camps to help yourself snowball, getting leads and carry the game. The goal is to farm a lot while pressuring enemies lane. Sometimes, you could even get a kill or two for yourself. Its really hard to gank an enemy especially when they are in a healthy state (full HP). You are going to need crowd control from your teammates to secure kills. Otherwise, dont waste time, keep on farming. Contest Dragons as usual, but dont let yourself caught. Especially when enemy has a early game jungler like Batman, you could be a free food if you dont play safe enough whenever hes missing. 

Take all possible jungle and invades enemy jungle too if you are feeling comfortable or if the enemy appears in the other side of the map. Its fine to tax someone elses lane, but not too much. 

Keep your distance and take advantage of Tactical Fire during a teamfight. With your teammates as frontline, the enemy team could barely touch you unless you decided to roll in and put yourself in grave danger. Spam Tactical Fire as much as possible and fire away. Hit n Run is the way to go. Only basic attacks whenever you are feeling safe, its going to take time and experience to get used to it!

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