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Best Duelist In Game - Omen

by GamerHub
Nov 28, 2019
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The Guide

Omen, The Insatiable

Omen is one of the best, if not the best duelist in game. He is extremely powerful from mid to late game,especially once he have 2-3 items. There is literally no one could ever win Omen in a 1v1 fight which makes him a really powerful split-pusher, its gonna take at least 2 heroes to take him down.

He has no weakness against any other hero, he can solo take them down with his insane attack speed and true damage.


“Death reigns eternal!”

Omen the Insatiable was a killing machine. He was born from the deepest, darkest depths of the demon abyss, a place as cold and soulless as he. Even demons born of the same abyss refused to stand by him, fearing that his chill would wipe them away.

Despite this, Omen rarely graced the stage of the war. For Omen lived only to – not just his enemies, but fellow demons and the Lokheim fighting alongside him. All who could use him feared him. Suffice to say, he was a loose cannon nobody wanted.

The leader of Lokeheim, Maloch, was at a loss. He understood Omen was the physical manifestation of the Lokheim’s desire to kill, and that retribution would be swift should he try to leash Omens’ abilities. In the end, Maloch would only hide Omen away in the abyss. There he stayed, forgotten until Arduin’s army invaded Maloch’s ranks.

Maloch was badly injured and Veera was busy leading what was left of their army against Arduin’s main forces. Neither had the energy to spare to defend themselves against Arduin’s reinforcements. In desperation, Omen was awakened from his deep slumber, unleashing the murderous desires suppressed for many years. Omen stood alone on the passage of frost, fighting off every last member of Arduin’s army. No tales of this battle were ever shared as there was no one left alive to tell them.

Satiated, Omen once again found peace. But tales of his return soon spread across the land.

“He’s the physical manifestation of the abyss! The bringer of senseless wars and gruesome murders!”

Pros and Cons


-Best duelist in game, unstoppable in 1v1

-Great split pusher

-There is no other heroes that counter Omen in mid/late game.

-High damage



-Weak in teamfight

-Slightly weaker in early game


Passive – Thirst

Every time Omen hits an enemy with a normal attack, he gains one Thirst point. After reaching five points, Omen increases his movement speed by his attack speed for 5 seconds. His strengthened normal attack will also deal true damage and reduce the cooldown for Death’s Beckon and Untouchable by 1 second.

Omen’s 3rd normal attack triggers a second hit that deals 50% damage. The counter is reset after reaching 5 points of Thirst and after coming out of Thirst.

Omen can build up stacks of thirst on jungle creeps or minions only getting the fifth stack to trigger thirst to gank an enemy or use in a team fight.

Ability 1 – Death’s Beckon


Omen uses his blade to pull all enemies in front of him closer, dealing physical damage and slowing their movement speed.

Since deaths beckon is mainly used to interrupt and catch heroes, not as the main damage dealing tool. So do not focus on leveling this first.

Ability 2- Untouchable

Omen enters a state of heightened awareness and gains damage reduction while increasing his movement speed by for 2 seconds. In this state, Omen can reflect normal attacks, dealing physical damage to the attacker, decrease their movement speed.

Also, adds any bonus normal attack effects from Omens equipped items or buffs, each attacker can only have their attacks reflected once. Untouchable is Omens core ability, make sure you level this up during the laning phase.

Omen can use this to both reduce overall damage on him, while increasing his own damage output through damage reflection thus, giving him high survivability.

Ultimate – Death’s Embrace

Omen rushes forward and deals physical damage to the first enemy hero he runs into. He then summons a plasma sword that curses the target for 5 seconds. While cursed, the target deals less damage with attacks and cannot leave the sword’s area.

As omens strongest Control ability, enemies can’t use abilities or talents to escape, however. Due to its short range, it’s easy to avoid.

Use this while in the brush to catch a jungler or random assassin off-guard. Deaths embrace can also be used to escape the embrace of death if you’re about to die. Use it on an enemy and simply leave. You can leave but the enemy is stuck.


Flicker - The only viable choice on Omen, the other Talent isnt really useful on Omen. Not much discussion here, its a no-brainer.

Items Section

Core Items

Boots first, you wont be dueling too much in the early game, you would lost most of the fights early on, focus on surviving and farming up first. Once level 4 you can set up a gank with your ultimate. Boots would be useful to gapclose.

Fafnirs Talon - MANDATORY ITEM. Best item for Omen. Increases attack speed, on-hit effect, damage and lifesteal. With Omens passive which grants him extremely fast attack speed, Fafnirs Talon could be really deadly. This is all you need to burst down enemies.

Defensive Items

Mail of Pain - Powerful item, makes Omen really tanky against physical attack heroes.

Medallion of Troy - Counters against burst mage heroes.

Shield of The Lost - Mail of Pain + this item is a great combo, marksman and warriors  would hate you.

Offensive Items

Muramasa - Works well against tanky enemy heroes, especially tanks with high health and armor. Fafnirs Talon + Armor Pierce is the way to go. 

Fenrirs Tooth - Increases the true damage dealt, huge damage boost.


Although Omens ultimate has him charge forward a good distance, it doesn’t get him over obstacles.

How to get that glass cannon from afar? No worries Omen’s ultimate plus flicker can catch them off-guard.

Before reaching level 4 Omen needs to be safe Near the tower and soak up minion exp and gold. Upon reaching level 4, however, his ultimate will allow him to catch enemies to help with team ganks.

His ultimate is control. So once you get the enemy with it use ability 2 and normal attacks to get more damage. When the effect fades use ability 1 to catch the enemy for more damage. Combo as follows ultimate into ability 2 then ability 1.

Omen doesn’t have any particularly strong abilities for team fights but it doesn’t matter. Open with his ultimate and catch their squishiest target. If you don’t get the hit off then try to cut off any escape points.

Split-push as much as you can but do not abandon your team when it comes to an important objective.

Catch anyone off-guard especially when they are alone, when you have succesfully land your ultimate on them , there will be no escape.

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