1. Patch Notes

Warframe Patch Notes Today Devstream 139!

Feb 2020
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Who: Rebecca is joined by Steve and Scott!

What: Review, Revise, Refresh! Join us as we go over 2020’s first Mainline – but not in a ‘new content’ sense. We are going to be reviewing a 20-part list of Reviews, Revisions, and Refreshes that we are working on for Warframe. Everything from Railjack Onboarding Changes to Shield Gating. From Self Damage to Excavation Mission Health Scaling – don’t miss it! We will have a comprehensive Dev Workshop up on Friday for those who cannot watch the stream – fear not!

Prizes? Join us for a chance to win Platinum or Prime Access

Where: Find us at: twitch.tv/Warframe and mixer.com/playwarframe

Twitch Drop / Mixer Reward: Tune in to find out what you can snag for watching our Devstream – the @PlayWarframe Twitter Poll will decide it!

When: Join us today, February 28th at 2 p.m Eastern Standard Time!

See you there, Tenno!

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