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How to get your Black Clover Phantom Knights User ID

by GamerHub
Jan 19, 2020
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The menus are really confusing currently, so we made this guide to save you the trouble of finding your UserID. Hopefully they make it easier in following updates. For now, here's what you need to do to find your Black Clover Phantom Knights UserID so you can add friends:

  1. Restart your game and load the title screen.
  2. Your User ID is in the bottom left.
    Black Clover Phantom Knight Title Screen

How to follow and add friends In Black Clover Phantom Knights

  1. Hit the Menu Button
  2. Hit Other button
  3. Hit Follow
  4. You'll see your follow list here. Click the "Follow" tab and you'll get a "Search by UserID" pop up.
  5. Enter your friend's UserID to follow them.

We hope this short guide helps you make friends when playing Black Clover Phantom Knights. Good luck with your summons! Check out our community Phantom Knights Wiki if you want to more information on which characters are the best, tier lists and more.

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