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Guild Boss

by immediate-engine
May 24, 2020
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Normal - 700+ points

Main goal is to focus to lvl3 powerup and freeze cards + fill jericho ult before boss ult and try to lower his hp as much as possible... Turn after ult is just Powerup - Freeze - Jericho Ult

Recommended food - Attack, Crit chance, Crit dmg

Gowther - The Goat Sin of LustArthur - Camelot's SwordMerlin - CollectorJericho - Godspeed Knight

Hard - 650+ points

Comp used below is balanced for attack and survival, main goal is to get lvl3 Powerup card for arthur and fill Eli orbs on second turn, third turn use Powerup, Elizabeth ult and fill other units orbs to atleast 3.. Last turn is just Some big dmg card - Gowther ult - Arthur ult - Jericho ult

Recommended food - Crit chance

If u have problem survive with Jericho, this team works well too

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