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Top 5 Most Underrated Mobile Legends Characters

by GamerHub
May 25, 2017
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Hey there and welcome to my Top 5 most underrated mobile legends article! My opinion comes as a new player, as well as a recently epic player. The opinions in this article are based on my own experiences in solo queue, so let’s get to it!

  1. Alice

Alice is probably one of my most played and favorite heroes. The reason I put her on this list based on her absolute non-existence in climbing ranked. I saw zero Alice’s during my climb, and anytime I picked her I would get absolutely flamed because apparently people think she has a lack of mobility.

One of her best assets is the ability to engage and disengage very easily with her first ability Flowing Blood. On top of that, the ability to root/slow with her second ability Blood Awe makes landing her ultimate Blood ode absolutely destructive.

If you ever face a good alice, be ready to either her stun her as she wants to engage/disengage, or prepare to spread out because if she catches multiple people with her root/ultimate combo, it’s GG!

  1. Lolita

Lolita makes it at number four on this list because while I saw Alice zero times, I saw a handful of Lolita’s. The thing about Lolita as a tank isn’t about her ability to hard engage like Franco, or lock down multiple enemies like Tigreal.

What Lolita offers is a deceptively strong shield and immense early game pressure. Unlike Franco or Tigreal, Lolita makes up for her lack of chain crowd control abilities with quick-hitting CC in her first ability Energy Rocket, and the amazing capability to negate tons of damage with her second ability Protective Shield.

The scariest thing of Lolita is definitely her ultimate Noumenon Blast, which hits like a bulldozer on top of having a strong slow to it. To really utilize Lolita, you need to have smart positioning as well as put pressure on with her Energy Rocket early game. Get your carries past the early game and Lolita serves as a perfect distraction and guardian.

  1. Sun

Everyone’s favorite Monkey King, Sun, makes it at number three mainly because of his underwhelmingly simple kit design. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good Sun player, but Sun’s design makes his pattern of gameplay in teamfights very straightforward, however, he can be devastating.

Now in my climb I believe I remember one Sun player, but this guy really knew what he was doing. His passive Summons monkey make his jungle clear insanely fast, and tower diving with good teamwork can shut any character down with little risk. Not to mention, his first ability Golden Cudgel Strike makes sticking on enemies or disengaging beyond easy, because he can either disengage or engage further with Instantaneous Move.

To top it off, Sun’s ultimate Clone Techniques can add more confusion in teamfights and make it harder for the enemy carries to get to your carries. Careful play and smart engaging with Sun can create beneficial chaos for your to to demolish the enemy team while the clones take the beating.

  1. Johnson

What’s odd about Johnson being on this list is the amount of good Johnson’s I have actually seen while climbing. The biggest issue I see when people complain about Johnson being on their team is what I think makes him the coolest: his ultimate Rapid Touchdown.

Johnson’s kit is really strong for being a tank as well as having decent CC on top of a ranged slow. But with my own experience playing Johnson, driving that ultimate can be a pain. Either you get a Johnson that ends up running over the competition, or one that hasn’t even finished Drivers Ed. Either way, it can be a gamble depending on the player.

Regardless, Johnson fits the perfect tank without actually being a military tank (you would think it would’ve fit the theme of rockets if he was an actual tank, right?) He has decent damage in both Iron Sack and Missile Tackle, and a well timed car crash with Rapid Touchdown can change the game's pace immediately.

  1. Bane

Ah Bane, who could quite literally be considered the “scourge of the seven seas” in Mobile Legends. I don’t know what has bred such an innate hate for this character, but I like to imagine him as the handsome devil above.

It seems that people just think that Bane is the most useless hero, especially when climbing ranked. But I’ll never forget the game that got me into Epic in which the people on my team flamed our Bane SO hard, but this guy ended up carrying.

With Bane, he maintains a solid position as being a pusher because of his passive Shark Bite shoving waves quickly with it’s AoE splash as well as his first ability Crab Claw Cannon pushing fast being an AoE as well and serving as a strong last hitting tool. Even in 2-v-1’s, Bane can sustain with his second ability Rum, and he has the ability to melt waves with his ultimate Air Assault. A strong cooldown reduction build as well as a little beef will make Bane a strong pusher as well as an effective counter to assassins. With the spell Weaken, he can duel anyone, and stop any chargers from destroying his carries with his ultimate and well timed slows. Cheers Bane, and hopefully people will love you one day!

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