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Top 5 Meta Characters for Ranked

by GamerHub
May 06, 2017
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Hello and welcome to Top 5 Meta Characters for Ranked! We are here to help you with your choice of characters in the current meta! MLBB is a fast-paced MOBA game, there are always meta changing from time to time for competitive ranked games. Below you will find the characters for the current meta. We will start with number 5

5. Saber

Why Saber? He is nerfed in the latest patch.

Saber, the Spacetime Swordmaster is an very agile assassin. He is cunning, fast and has high base skill damage. With the recent nerf of purify, there will be lesser people who would actually use it. Flicker is a better choice in most situations currently. Therefore, there will be no counter against those who doesn't have purify. Saber is very powerful especially in ganking, there is almost zero escape against Saber if you are out of position and without purify. Saber's ultimate is one of the best ultimate in the game (Not to mention, one of the coolest ultimate as well).  Even though, Saber got nerfed recently , he can still barely made it into the Top 5 list.


High-Decent skill based damage, can build tanky after 1-2 damage items

Good roamer due to his clearing speed and second skill

Very good in ganking

Less Counters

Good farmer


Low based life

Squishy without tank items

Can't gank without ultimate

4. Kagura

Kagura, Onmyouji Master

Fun fact: Onmyouji actually means traditional Japanese esoteric cosmology, a mixture of natural science and occultism. She sound more scary now huh?

Yes, she actually performs like how she sound like, scary. She have extremely high mobility as a mage and has lots of continuous damage. Her skills has low cooldown as well as high in damage. Because of Kagura's skillset , it actually makes her hard to kill. With purify on her , she would be unstoppable. Her ultimate, Yin Yang Overturn could take down the whole enemy team when positioned perfectly.


High utility

Continuous damage

Very safe in teamfight


Requires high level mechanics / Hard to play

Mana Problems (Needs blue almost all the time)


The best support in game.

One of the latest heroes available, his heals are amazingly high and he can HEAL MULTIPLE TARGETS with his ultimate. Estes could be the one who turns a teamfight that is losing into a winning ones by healing the entire team to full healthy just a few second. The only thing he was lacking is utility. He has a big AOE(Area of Effect) slow as crowd control as well.


High and low cooldown heals

Have slots for tank items, does not need too much Magic Power for heals

Decent crowd control

Good harassing in lane



No utility, hard to escape once target locked

Needs mana regen items

2. Natalia

Claw is the deadliest weapon.

I would nearly placed Natalia in the first place, but after some consideration I rather save it for…..

Natalia is the only hero that has stealth mode. She has extremely high utility due to her movement speed from the passive Assassin Instinct, which grants her 20% more movement speed when she is on stealth mode. She could be the most annoying hero to fight against in the game. Natalia could roam around the map to steal your jungles , harass your carries and even gank your lane. Because of it's 2s silence from Assassin Instinct, it makes you hard to escape. There is just too many pros I can think of , but here's some.


High utility due to her 20% bonus movement speed from Assassin Instinct

High damage

Very effective against heroes with no Purify, especially Mages and Marksmen

Good in jungle

Invulnerable to all basic attacks while in Smoke Bomb



Vulnerable to Crowd Controls

Requires good positioning in teamfight


1. Moskov

Crazy penetrations, best marksman by far.

No surprise that Moskov is in Top 1. The best marksman so far, extremely high damage , very powerful in teamfights, good farmer, has extremely long range, global ultimate. One of the best if not, the best pusher in the game. Fun fact #2: Quiescence actually means quietness, hence the quiet deadly penetrating basic attacks.



Powerful penetrating basic attacks

High utility, low cooldown dash – basically a mini-flicker

Global ultimate skill

Farms gold extremely quick

The best pusher in the game



Squishy (AGAIN!)

Requires items to shine, just like all the other marksman

Honorable Mentions:

Fanny, Hayabusa, Chou, Eudora, Karina

And finally! Some honorable mentions for some of these characters that didn't made it into the Top 5 List. The reason why is, some of them (Fanny, Chou and Hayabusa) got nerfed recently and of course, the meta changes. These characters are still extremely powerful despite on their changes. Not to mention, Karina and Eudora did get buffed recently as well but sadly, they still couldn't beat the Onmyouji Master (Kagura) in both utility and continuous damage!

But hey, you will still see most these characters in game because they are just too fun to play! (and powerful). Fanny's second ability "Steel cable", where you can fly around the map, Infamous Chou's ultimate "The Way of Dragon" to roundhouse kick an enemy hero to your teammates, crazy bursts from Eudora's ultimate "Thunderstruck" and it goes on and on, just endless fun you can think of!

Thank you for reading our Top 5 Meta Characters for Ranked! We wish you luck in the game and most importantly, have lots of fun! Cheers :)

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