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Quit Buying Jungle Items - Updated Jungling Guide

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Oct 29, 2018
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Jungling Items and Updates

Due to updates, the jungle monsters have been buffed and jungle items were nerfed. So a few questions arise with these changes.

  1. How to Jungle faster?
  2. Are Jungle items worth buying?
  3. How to change your playstyle and adapt this new meta?

Let's understand the Farming Mechanics after the recent patch.

With and Without Item - Minion

As you'll see in the video above there is a big difference between leveling up with or without jungle equipment. With the item, it's just short of reaching level 2 while without it reaching level 2 is easy.

Why was it able to hit level 2 without equipping a Jungle item?

According to the new patch, equipping Jungle items will hinder your early game instead of aiding it. So now you guys may be wondering that jungle items may not provide you more EXP from minion waves but will definitely provide you more EXP from Jungle Monsters.

With and Without Item - Jungle

By equipping the item reaching level 2 and a half was capable as well as making it easier to clear Jungle faster. Without the item, it was a bit more difficult to clear but nearly hit the same amount of level up as with the item.

The sole purpose of this update is to promote Teamwork in Laning as well as in Jungling. After this update, players will tend to be in groups while clearing minion waves and Jungle Monsters.

As Jungle monsters are buffed, players will tend to clear jungle in groups to avoid losing large amounts of HP and time. But if you are clearing Jungle in groups, the main objective of obtaining more EXP by equipping Jungle items gets completely destroyed.

Because the EXP is getting shared and distributed amongst all players.

How to Farm in this Meta?

The best way to farm in this meta is simple. Outfarm your enemies by rotating in groups and securing kills by ganks and dominating the enemy jungle.

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