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Off Meta Alice Guide

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Jul 10, 2017
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Hello everyone and welcome back to the off-meta guides, it's been awhile. Off-meta is all about having fun while having viable builds to win games either in ranked or normal matchup.

Do you like to engage/initiate?

Do you like to burst?

Do you like to drain tons of life?

Alice is there for you. Alice is a mage while being more tanky compare to other mages with high mobility and good initiating ability.



Thousands of years ago, the humans defeated the Blood Demons and imprisoned their queen Alice in the dark abyss. Today, the land of dawn faces a huge disturbance and the seal's power has slowly weakened. The dominator of the dark abyss is thirsty for more believers and dark force has been growing stronger in secret. With the acquiescence of the great dominator, Alice broke free from her ancient prison. Driven mad by her endless lust for blood, she sucked the life out of any creature in her ppath, and especially for the fleshes of those young elves - they were the favorite of queen Alice. After a temporary satisfaction, Alice has turned her attention to something stronger - those heroes from other worlds. 'Watch your back'.



Blood Ancestry (Passive): When a nearby minion dies, a blood orb will generate. Absorbing blood orb will permanently increase maximum HP by 10pts for Alice.


-This is really good passive, you can stack your maximum HP PERMANENTLY, make sure to absorb all the blood orbs.



Flowing Blood: Shoots a blob of blood in a specified direction, dealing 330 pts of magic damage to the enemy. Afterwards the hero can use this skill again to instantly teleport to wherever the blood blob is.


  • Long range, extremely powerful, good for initiation.

  • Manually aim is crucial.

-Requires good decision making about teleporting to the blood blob, or not for initiation. Bad mistake could lead death.



Blood Awe: Deals 270 magic damage to nearby enemies, imobilizing them for 1.2s. The enemies are slowed for 2s after that.

-Your main and only crowd control ability

-Small AOE around you. Good combo with the rest of your abilities.



Blood Ode (Ultimate): For the next 4 seconds after using the skill, the blood princess will be in blood-drinking mode, dealing 160 pts of magic damage to surrounding enemies every 0.5 seconds and restoring 40 pts of HP for herself at the same time.

-My favorite ultimate in game, absolutely powerful.

-You can still move around your hero after using this ability, stay close to your enemies to maximize damage.

-IT DRAINS LOT OF HP , more than you think!




Pros And Cons:


  • Good initiator
  • Slightly tanky + with life drain ultimate
  • High burst damage
  • Good harasser in lane
  • Great mobility


  • Not an actual tank, gets caught and bursted down if not played properly
  • Doesn't have escape after initiating with your Flowing Blood, it's either fight or die.



Items & Battle Spell

The core items would be:

  • Clock of Destiny - Has everything Alice needs, Magic Power, HP and Mana. And it scales up more later on! It's just extremely powerful on Alice.
  • Concentrated Energy - Magic Power, HP and most importantly 30% SPELL VAMP! The amount of life you could drain is just insane with this item + your ultimate, one of the reason Alice is tanky.

Powerful items:

  • Blood Wings - Expensive item but the kit and style of this item suits Alice perfectly. More magic power = more HP. (Don't you think it's broken if it's more HP = more magic power?)
  • Glowing Wand - Magic penetration, magic power, movement speed. The passive on this item is just really good, combined with your ultimate.
  • Holy Crystal - Every mages favorite item, high burst.

To be frankly honest, I don't think Alice requires Cooldown Reduction to shine. Focus more on getting Magic Power and Utility + HP is much better.

The only useful Battle Spells would be either Flicker or Purify, I would choose Flicker for many reasons, better initiation , chase/run potential.

If you haven't unlocked them, Execute is fine, picking off last hit enemy heroes.



Game Plan

The main ideal of a perfect initiating combo is Flowing Blood into enemy team, Blood Awe to immobilize them, follow up with Blood Ode. Great burst and a great start for any teamfight, if your team could follow up, it's usually a win-win situation. Worst thing that could happen is, you got stunned or cc-ed by enemies and bursted down without you able to move to use any abilities (here comes Purify to save the day).


Early game

You might want to start with two Magic Necklaces just like most mages to keep up with your mana issues, spamming your first ability for harassment is pretty crucial. I would recommend going either top or bottom lanes with another hero. Solo is fine, but it's much better to lane with someone. You can find a lot of chances to kill in lanes. Otherwise, you could always roam and gank too. It's important to know if you should teleport into the enemy and try to engage or not, make sure you always see the map and don't get caught.


Mid-late game

Your job is to find opportunity to engage, patience is virtue. A good engage/initiation and with a good follow-up from teammates can lead your team to victory. Focus on the enemy carries, you wouldn't want to focus on the enemy frontlines and tanks and leave the enemy carries vulnerable. If you did a good initiation/engage and burst down their carries, the teamfight should be over in a few more seconds.

Alice's role is somewhat similar to Tigreal BUT you have damage, longer initiation range, and also not very tanky like a Tigreal suppose to be.


End of the line

Once again, every guide has it's end. And here it is! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you guys in the next off-meta series. Have fun, be safe and take care!


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