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My Mythic Helcurt Guide

by Worthy_cooldown
Feb 29, 2020
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Helcurt is a type of assassin hero. Helcurt is writted as meta hero for now. For me, it's not difficult to master this hero. And some of the users are maybe still searching for the correct guide, here some tips.

Helcurt is a type of burst hero which can quickly give high damage to enemies. His 2nd skill (Poisoned Deadly Stingers) can be very terrifying when it reached max stacks. Not even in late game, this skill is very usefull that can make Helcurt able to dominate early game and be the one of the most strongest hero in Early game.

The second one is his 1st skill (Shadow Raid). It's very required to unlock this skill after you reached level 2. This skill is very important to attack your opponent by surprising them.

Helcurt is OP hero. His ultimate (Dark Night Falls)  is one of the reason for it. Helcurt will blind all enemies last for 3,5 seconds and increase attack speed by 10% and movement speed by 65-75% (Depends on its level). The attack speed and movement speed BUFF will active during the blind effect. Last for 8 seconds

Passive (Race Advantage) will make enemies silenced or unable to use skills for 1,5 seconds if the enemy uses skill near Helcurt. This effect have 3 seconds cooldown. 

Advantages and Deficiency of Helcurt


     High Burst damage                                                              Useful on teamfight                                                                   High mobility                                                   Recommend hero for sneak attack


 Low Durability                                                                    Hard to survive on teamfights             


Early game

Helcurt is very powerful on early game. His 2nd skill can decrease opponents by half if he hold max stack. Helcurt can also easily get First Blood in the middle of the lane at level 1 if :                         

  There is only 1 opponent ahead                           Opponent has average HP                                            Enemy have less CC effect                                          Melee 

Note : It's possible to kill Ranged or more than 2 heroes on early game but you'll need a better tactics. Also make sure to kill the turtle.

Middle Game

Farm is a good option to increase level and XP. Make sure there is one item that written as your build is obtained. The task is to kill core heroes from the opponent and push on turrets. 

Late Game

On late game, it's a golden chance if you wiped out the enemies. Your team will got an opportunity to push and kill the lord. Will be alot easier to kill the enemies if you kill the core heroes from the enemy team first. Thats why Helcurt users must be mastered to kill from behind when the team war is happening. The task is clear, clear the core hero first!

Builds, emblem, and spell

Some of Helcurt users add physical attack than item attack speed. This is the build I use on Helcurt :     

         Swift boots                                                                     Blade of Despair                                                          Endless Battle                                                                Scarlet Phantom                                                           Berserker Fury                                                               Blade of Heptaseas


For the emblem, you can customize it by yourself. For the talent, I used High And Dry to increase gold faster from killing.


For the spell, i use Petrify to stun enemies and increase accuracy on 2nd skill. Which increased chance to get First Blood.

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