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My Mythic Argus Guide

by hurt-quickscope
Feb 16, 2020
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I'm using Argus since 2017 and still using this hero until today, and yes I am Mythic ranked by using Argus. So basically argus has 3 phase of gameplay. First phase is for rank Grandmaster and below. The second phase is for rank Epic. And the third phase is for Legend and above.

First phase:

It's simple, just farm until your items are strong enough and just kill all the enemies.

Second phase:

Start play as an offlaner (solo and stays at top lane) secure the crab from enemies trying to take it, focus on destroying the 1st turret on top lane and then try to split push another lane. Once your items are ready, you can freely join a war.

Heroes that must ban:





Those heroes are terrifying for you to pick Argus.

Enemy's heroes that you must avoid picking Argus:






Build, spell and emblem:

Swift boots, haas claw, berserker fury is the core item for Argus, and the slot remains can be created by yourself based on your own gameplay.


Marksman and Assasin emblem are the best for argus.


Flicker and sprint.

Third phase:

This is my own personal trick, build, combo, spell and everything about Argus based on my 1200+ matches.

Skills combo=>

Basic combo:


BA= Basic Attacks

Ambush combo:


Team fight combo:


WA=walk around(stay near to your team but don't join team fight too soon)

LHE= Lowest hp enemy

Early game:

Argus is mandatory as an offlane hero. He must farm by it's own and can't help mm to farm in bottom or otherwise Argus can't level up quickly. Argus is not recommended for early game war but if the enemies are ambushing you and your teammates are coming to help, you can be a supporter by stunning target with 1st skills and poke a damage with 2nd skill. Always priorities your own safety because in legend and mythic argus is quite useless in early game.

Mid game:

Start pushing turret and joining war once you reached level 6. And farm a lot too.

Late game:

This is where Argus really becomes a game changer because even a meta hero can't win against late game Argus. Just fight and kill everything but remember to always priorities stealing turrets and your own safety, don't ambush if there's no teammates tank around you.

Argus's function for rank Legend and Above:

A sneak turret stealer

With his ultimate, he can easily dive between enemies to steal the lord

Most heroes can't stop Argus in late game phase.

Why Argus is considered as one of the worst heroes in nowadays meta:

Legend and Mythic loves to initiate war even at level 1. And they know how to stun target well. So that's why Argus is listed as the most hated heroes because both reason is his biggest weakness.

My build:

My build is kinda expensive but the result is beyond your expectation. So here's the build:

Though boots

Blade of despair

Scarlett phantom

Berserker fury

Endless battle

ArgusTough BootsBlade of DespairScarlet PhantomBerserkers FuryEndless BattleMalefic Roar

Malefic roar

If the game holds too long, replace thought boots with another Blade of despair  to boost your damage.

Yes this build is expensive, requires a lot of practice because this build is hard to use for argus and very frustrating for first try. But believe me once you've mastered it, you'll find there's no other build is better for argus because this build gives you 2100+ until 2300+ damage per basic attacks and that even scarier than 500 stacks Aldous because Argus have a high attack speed.


Assasin emblem (maxed is mandatory)

Talent 1

Maximize slot physical damage and physical penetration.

My spell:

In mythic, people don't run away when you use your ultimate, they prefer stun you so you couldn't heal your hp. To counter that, use vengeance spell. Use this spell only when you're using your ultimate. Believe me, argus is a hidden meta hero if you use vengeance for argus because the more enemies attacking/stunning you, the more damage they get from vengeance. And because vengeance attacking them, argus also will get hp gain after ultimate duration. And in late game, the build damage + vengeance is very broken towards enemies. 

Heroes that must be avoided when enemies are picking them:










Jawhead (worst enemy for Argus)

Best combo:




All tank


That's all from me, if any questions to ask just contact me on gmail pujanggarb26@gmail.com or contact me on WhatsApp 019-5458515

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