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Mobile Legends Basic Mechanics

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Jan 09, 2017
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Hello friends and welcome to the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Basic Map Mechanics guide. This guide is to outline the specifics of the gameplay map. Explaining the use of the three lanes, jungles, and even some strategy mechanics. By the end of this guide I hope you'll understand the mechanics of the game a little bit better.

Map Sections


In the main map of the game there are three separate lanes you travel to get to your enemies turrets and base. The lanes are labeled as such, Top, Middle, and Bottom.

All three lanes are set up with three turrets each and your goal is to get through waves of minions and destroy the turrets. Once you're passed the turrets you focus your fire on the enemy base.

Now each lane is suited best for specific roles. Typically the middle lane is best for Assassin characters, the bottom for Mage or Tanks, and the top is best for Fighters.

As in the theme of most MOBA games the lanes will determine what enemy player type you'll encounter. So keep in mind what you play and where to line yourself up.


Jungles are an area on the map that kind of go in between the three lanes. The jungle areas weave and work their way into the map making it so you can cut through them to get to one of the other lanes with out having to go back and around.

The point of the jungles is to have a method of gaining gold or exp for your hero faster. There are monsters scattered through out the jungle areas for you to slay in return for those rewards.

At the start of the match the monsters are spawned and in the waiting period for the minions you can spend that time killing one of the monsters. As the match goes on more powerful ones spawn for more powerful bonuses.

In some cases defeating a monster will give your character a certain kind of bonus. They range from health bonuses to damage and even defense.

There are certain characters that are better for jungling than others and even have their own jungling gear builds. So before you try to do the jungles make sure you know what characters are best for it.


Within the jungle are two powerful monsters that are considered sub bosses. These beasts don't spawn until well into the match.

Their purpose is to serve an extra challenge on top of dealing with the enemy players. And the rewards you get from them are well worth the hassle.

Now you can't fight the sub bosses by yourself, they're meant to be a team effort. So make sure your team is at your back before you even go near one of these things.

Defeating a sub boss before the other team is one way to completely turn the tides of the match. If the opposing team already brings one of the sub bosses down do your best to gather your team and defeat the second as quickly as possible.

Team Efforts

Grouping up

Now aside from the map itself, which is easy to get the hang of after a few rounds, there are the team mechanics everyone should know. Mobile Legends is a team based game and its meant to be played as a team.

It can be difficult communicating over a mobile game but it can be done and it is important to have communication. You don't want to be boxed in by three enemy heroes and be completely wiped out cause you're trying to solo them.

One of the best mechanics is grouping up and especially by character type. Having a team full of Fighters isn't going to do anyone any favors.

Sending a Tank into the middle lane with an Assassin is not a horrible idea by any means. It sets it up for the Tank to aggro any enemies that would harm the Assassin and sets them up to take out any opposing heroes and clear the path to the turret.

When it comes to actually battling opposing heroes it is always a great idea to group up. Typically there is always one player in the match that is running all three lanes.

They go back and forth between each one through the jungles to help out their team mates when ever they're fighting an enemy hero. This method of grouping is the best way to handle them and keep up your defenses.

Pushing Lanes and Destroying Turrets

Now the strategic part of the game is the most basic part as well. To win the game you have to destroy the enemies base.

To get to the base you have to get passed their turrets and destroy them. To get to the turrets you have to get passed your enemies minions so as you can see there's quite a list.

When pushing lanes to get to a turret you don't want to just charge in and fire wildly. That's only going to amount to premature defeat.

To push the lane have at least two heroes in that lane and clear out the enemy minions. Chances are your minions will have been taken out by the enemies first round.

If one or two of your minions survived sit with them in the enemy turret ring and attack it until their destroyed. Enemy minions will show up and your best bet is to defeat them as close to the turret as possible.

Keeping them bottle necked there will make a clear path for your minions to get into the turret ring so you can join in on the attack. Once you're all in taking down the turret is easy work.

Just repeat the process on the next two turrets until you reach the enemy base. When you're attacked by enemy heroes its best to focus your attacks on them.

Have your lane mate back you up and if you're lucky your team has a jungler to rush in and join the fray long enough to clear your lane. Its all about team work so being shy won't get you far.

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