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Masha Guide

by respectable-alpha
Jun 13, 2020
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Masha Tips====

For early game,Masha is not too invicible but can be considered tough due her 4th skill.She can quickly regenerates her HP to maximun points.For me,early game is a time for masha to Jungle and farm until she reach level 4.Use her ulti to deal enemy damage dealer.If there are any tanks in enemy side,deal with him/her.   

For mid game,Masha need to secure turtle and lord to prevent enemy to get gold or easiest way to say,cut their financial.Try to buff as many as you can until you get your 1st skill to max.

For late game,Masha usually dont need to search for kill.Just assist your teammates and help them push enemy turret

Notes:Maintain your HP bar at the 2x.If you feel you gonna lose it,just flee or jungle to regen

[Skills Choosing]

Always level up your 1st and ulti first because the 2nd skill wont effect minion but usefull in chasing and escaping.

[Battle Spell]

Flicker or Aegis


Fighter/Tank/Support(to get faster regen)

[Pros and Cons]

Pros:1.Can solo lord and turtle even at level 3.

2.The higher damage she get the higher lifesteal and damage she deal

3.Can deal with ultra tanky tank like Uranus and Esmeralda/She can deal easily with Argus Ulti

4.High regen and high durability

Cons:I only think her cons is Low Durability at early game

Follow my Acc:Tempoyak_Biru

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