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Marksman Role Guide

by 7D Chaos
Apr 28, 2020
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During the recent seasons, players usually like using Marksmen, which usually have one of the highest DPS (Damage Per Second) during late game. But this role is the one usually abused in early game due to low defense on early game and being vulnerable of mobile heroes (Assassins/Fighters) that rend them useless in the late game due to lack of items and money. In this guide you will learn how to deal with these types of games and how to be able to do a comeback when in that situation. 

Marksman Guide

Marksmen are very important heroes, as they can be able to push turrets and also steal creeps/farm as they have long range. During ranked games, MM players should always opt for being the last pick, as their picks are essential to their team. MM players that opt for first pick is also fine, but these heroes are then at a slight disadvantage since the enemies will then pick the heroes that usually render these roles ineffective against them. Common anti-MM heroes are Selena, Lancelot, Fanny, Ling, Gusion. Fighters are not counted in since their damage is best amplified in team fights, but when a MM is killed by a fighter, it's usually the player's fault. When MM keep on being countered by these heroes, the enemy will then take advantage of the absence of the role that can keep them away from enemy territory. And this, may lead to defeat. So the MM players must go for last pick to have time to think which hero can be best against the enemy. 

Sometimes, some players can be opting to get the hero first, so he/she switches you. These situations are unpredictable, and can also be annoying sometimes, but here are some tips to be able to win despite not having the time to choose. (main marksman tips are also included :>)

1. Be able to predict the enemy line-up.

Enemy teams usually pick Meta heroes so they can easily win the match, especially if the hero was not banned. Prediction is everything. Being a MM is quite hard too, as you should be able to adjust to the situation and be able to control it as well. Marksmen are known to be the situation changer because the time passes, they become stronger. But this might not be accomplished if you got a hero that is weak against the enemy. So, try to predict and suggest heroes that you are both strong with and strong against the enemy.

2. Pick heroes that are likely to dominate in late game.

MM might be weak in early game, but as the game goes on, they become stronger. Of course this becomes possible as they farm and lane properly. During early game, avoid going near enemy farm without the team's tank, as they might be far away to protect you from dying. Farm inside your territory until you and your teammates have at least 1-2 core items. This will help you win in case a team fight happens. Heroes like Hanabi, Lesley, Miya, Granger, Irithel, Karrie, and Wanwan are nice examples. Hanabi's petals, Lesley's crit, Miya's attack speed, Granger's damage, Irithel's damage amplification, Karrie's continuous damage, and Wanwan's mobility is a nice factor that will help you win. 

3. Learn to position yourself. 

Being a MM is an advantage because melee heroes can not get close to them because of their long range, but that doesn't mean they can't kill you. Being alone out in the open in dangerous, especially if your enemy in your lane is a mobile hero. When killing minions, always stay close to the turret, and farm only when you have cleared the lane already. Don't farm when there are still minions, as it can help the enemy hero destroy your turret more early. Switch from hitting the hero and the minions, so it can be easier for your nearby teammate to kill that enemy with you if they plan to. Team fights in late games happen more often than mid game team fights. This is due to the summoning of the Lord, or because of a teammate in enemy territory or vice versa. During these times. stay behind melee heroes, or ambush your enemies by going through the bush. In this way the can't go to you easily as the melee heroes have you guarded. 

4. Take advantage when your tank is with you.

Most of the time tanks go with their MM to protect them and help them with the farm in early game. When this happens, you should take advantage of it, but still be aware of enemy positions. Try to take enemy farm as much as possible so they will have higher mana/energy usage which can affect greatly in mid game fights. This can also hinder them from getting more gold aside from the ones provided by the minions, which doesn't let them to get core items at a much earlier time. Take the turtle as well so your teammates can also get more gold. Push turrets aggressively, as there is someone to protect you in case an ambush happens. 

5. Personal playing tips

Try to optimize settings for a smoother game, as your lagging may cause you and your team to lose.

Go to other lanes from time to time to defend, and to ambush/attack as well.

As much as possible avoid going to the team fights with your teammates, and focus on laning and farming to get the core items faster. Only go in when they really need you.

When enemies are all dead, take their farm so they don't have anything they can use to take advantage of you especially if they are strong already. 

Recommended Battle Spells and Suggested Heroes to Use it With

Flicker/Sprint- for escape and chasing of enemies (Miya, Lesley, Hanabi)

Retribution- to help in farming and getting core items (Miya, Granger, Wanwan, Karrie)

Purify- to escape from CC heroes (Karrie, Granger)

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