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How To Be Legend (Climb Ranked)

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May 09, 2017
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Hello and welcome to "How to be Legend"! In this guide, we will explain and help you to understand the game better. There will be several tips in the below you can find that will help you improve. About myself, I made to Glorious Legend/Legend since I started playing in under 100 ranked games because I love the rewards! Cool looking border and tons of Battle Points but don't you worry! We will guide you and help you on your journey to Legend! This is strictly a "focus on Legend" only guide, so therefore nothing about making Bane works or so :P

1. Pick Meta Heroes

What is Meta Heroes?

Meta heroes are the heroes which is currently super powerful in the current patch/version. Mobile Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game therefore, there will be changes in almost every patch either to buff or nerf a hero. There will be always a strongest hero in it's role and I recommend to learn that specific hero and play in ranked games.

Current meta heroes are such as Moskov (beyond God tier as a Marksman), Natalia, Saber, Tigreal, Estes, Karina, Hayabusa, Chou, Clint and if you are eager to learn extremely high mechanics requirement heroes, Kagura and Fanny.

Do not pick heroes such as Yun Zhao, Bane, Sun, Alucard, Rafaela, Cyclops, etc. They are extremely weak and underpowered in their roles. For example, Rafaela. Estes could fill that role as a healer x10 better so there is no reason to pick Rafaela in any situation.

Heroes like Johnson, Balmond, Freya, Nana, Layla, Gord, etc. is fine. They would be in the decent-good heroes.


2. Learn to understand how the game works

This is the most important category that you might want to focus in order to get to highest rank.

There are 2 type of "insert any making sense word here" which is Macro and Micro. Macro is the level of your understanding to the game(or I call it, "game sense") and micro(hero mechanics) is the level of your understanding to the hero.  

Keep this in mind, Macro > Micro. I have seen too many people trying to focus, trying to learn on how to play a specific hero such as Fanny but they do not know what to do in game, even tho they are good at their heroes. LEARN TO PLAY THE GAME ITSELF BEFORE LEARNING A HERO.


-Knowing how to farm efficiently

-Knowing what to do in a situation

-Knowing what to focus in a losing teamfight

Yes, macro is extremely important, very crucial knowing what to do in any type of situation. It is more like asking yourself questions and answer it immediately. For example in this situation,

"I am Saber in mid lane , Level 4 with ultimate, should I try to solo kill Layla?"

Before answering this question yourself, learn the facts first.

"Is the enemy top lane or bottom lane missing?" if not, you can try to kill Layla. If yes, be careful of ganks.


-Knowing what your hero can do in a situation

-Making outplays and carrying teams

-Knowing what your hero is capable of

Micro is important as well, but not as important as macro. Micro is like your level of hero mechanics. Focus on improving your game sense , micro and/or mechanics can be focused later.


3. Look at the map frequently

Always look at the map every few seconds so you know what are you getting yourself into. Map awareness is so important before you actually engage a lane/teamfight. If you made a mistake, enemy backup would crushes your team which leads into a defeat.


4. Play with friends!

Sometimes, it is frustrating to play with strangers (Solo Queue) as they don't know what is your game plan. Yes, it is frustrating to have bad teammates in your team as well, having 0-20 team score in like 6 minutes game. Having a friend or friends to play with, it can reduce the chances of that. You won't get 100% win rate but still, it will help.

Not to mention, you can have fun with friends as well, that's the main point!

Play with your friends with a communicating platform such as Discord, Skype, Garena Talk or whatever you have! There could be tons of combo you can have fun with your friends while climbing the ranked games. It is a MOBA game after all, you can't solo carry every single game. You will need teammates to aid you.


5. Use Battleground Quick Responses!

What are they?

They are the quick messages you sent to your teammates in game on the right hand side of the screen. You can change each quick responses to any choice of yours. A good one would be something like the screenshot above.

Letting your teammates know what you are going to do is important so they could follow-up if there's any trouble ahead. It is always nice to boost your team morale with a "Well played" whenever they did good.


6. Don't flame your teammates no matter what happen

That's right. Don't scold your teammates even tho they die a lot. You would be wasting a lot of time typing in chat meanwhile you could just farm or even get some kills. Nothing you can do if they get caught all the time and blaming the whole team. Yes, it is frustrating (I have those kind of teammates in like 70% of my games).

Ignore them, mute them, and report them after the game. Don't waste your time on arguing, there isn't any point. Move on into another game and try again.


7. Have fun!

You can't concentrate if you are stressing yourself out playing the game. Be nice and friendly to the others, who knows they decided to gift you a skin for being nice? :P Don't focus too much on winning every single games. No one in this game could get a 100% constant win rate.

Surprise is better than disappointment.

If you managed to climb to Legend, don't hesitate to try to go for Glorious Legend as well (for the border)! In this case, it's all about grinding. It is gonna take you a very long journey, longer than actually getting to Legend depends on lucky you are.  Glorious Legends are for Top 50 in your local server.

As you can see, I am lucky enough that I only need 5-6 stars for glorious legend :p

Remember, just have fun! (on focus on 2. if you really want legend badly)



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