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Guide To Maximize the Rewards from Mobile Legends

by GamerHub
May 23, 2017
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Mobile Legends is an awesome 5v5 MOBA game for mobile released for both IOS and Android Platforms.

The game is free to play which is awesome! However, the developers/game makers want to make it more awesome by rewarding players who actively participate in their events and play games regularly.

How to maximize them? I’ll teach you how.

The picture seen above is your home-page, here you could access the interface of the game and navigate to the places where you could get rewards/freebies and some emblems to strengthen your hero and improve your game.

There are different sections that you could access:

  1. Events Hall
  2. Rewards Sections
  3. Shop
  4. Messages/Notifications

I’ll explain every section below.

  1. Events Hall

Events hall is a small gift icon on the upper left portion of the home-page. Once you open it, you could access the page where the developers place all promotions/events that takes place in the game.

Most recent events were:

  1. Super bowl
  2. Chinese New Year
  3. Easter

They do however change depending on the season/event so do check it out from time to time.

1.1 Limited-time Tasks

This section is more like a quest for players in addition of winning the game. It changes from time to time as indicated in the timer on the upper portion of the screen.

Here, you could be rewarded with a gift if you were able to complete the tasks/quests that was given to you within the said timeframe.

1.2 Daily Login-Bonus

The daily login bonus is a reward given to the players every time they login, this could be redeemed once per day and as the week progresses. The rewards get better until you get to day7 which contains the Mystery Pack! So don’t forget to login every day and get those rewards!

1.3 Weekly Login-Bonus

Aside from the daily bonus, we get a chance to have a weekly bonus as well, the rewards are so nice, that you could able to get a skin and a hero trial just by logging in. Make sure you check on this one every week!

  1. Rewards Section

Rewards section is seen on the left part of your home screen and is divided into two, one is Medal Chest and one is Free Chest.

2.1 Free Chest

For Free Chest, you are eligible to Claim one every 4 hours!!

Don’t worry if you are unable to get it, the system stores 2 chests so make sure to get both of them so that the timer will run and it will generate another free chest again.

2.2 Medal Chest

Medal Chest is a good reward depending on your performance.

It is divided in to 10 points, Every time you play a game you are assigned a medal based on your performance, and once you reach 10 points you could open the chest and receive very good rewards!

Below is the point allotment per medal:

MVP  - 10 points

Gold – 7 points

Silver – 5 points

Bronze – 3 points

The rewards are seen below:

Premium Skin Fragment – Is used to buy skins

Like – Is used to show appreciation to your favorite streamer

Battle Points – Is used to buy heroes

Emblems – Is used to improve/upgrade your emblems depending on your needs

Magic Dust – An alternative to emblems

Take note that Medal Chest refreshes every 12 hours and could stack up twice!

  1. Messages/Notifications

Upon clicking the small icon, you could navigate to see messages from your Friends and notifications from the developers of the game

Usually the developers post messages/notifications on this page and gives rewards from time to time.

Make sure to check them always and grab those generous rewards!

  1. Shop

Aside from being a shop where in you could buy a lot of stuff for Diamonds/Battle points. There is a section where you could have a chance to win a skin! YES you read it right a skin and it is a permanent one!

Access lucky spin everytime there is a free draw available and you could have a chance to win skins which changes from time to time.

You do usually have 1 spin every 48 hours, however you could use your diamonds to keep on spinning and winning!

As a final message, Mobile Legends is a very awesome game with awesome community and awesome game developers.

Since it’s free to play, I encourage you guys to buy diamonds/skins, not only that it could improve your hero with added stats. It helps the development team and supports team in order for the game to be better than it was before!

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