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Glass Cannon Bane

by financial-boosting
Apr 30, 2020
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Bane  - Glass Cannon | by FlyingSquirrel


1) Pros and Cons 


          *Easy Farming in lanes

          *You have imba (over 400-500) movement speed depends on activated buff, only few enemies(Johnson,Ling,Aldous,Cyclops..etc) can catch you

          *When done correctly, enemy team will be in disarray. (Even experienced squads)

          *Your enemies will be forced to assign defenders, giving your allies an advantage over enemies when clashing.

          *You normally get high Assist counts by Kiting or using Deadly Catch properly, in some cases you can get MVP even with few kills. The trick is getting zero deaths(Possible with the imba Movement Speed)


          *Relies on allies having at least decent defending/clashing skills

          *Glass Cannon build, easily get killed when caught off guard, relies on movement speed to avoid death.

          *Split pushing is mostly viewed as a Non-Teamwork play by your allies, but done correctly you can give your allies time to farm/kill.

          *Allies who will try helping when you are kiting enemies will usually die, make sure to notify them not help you when you are kiting. Or let them kill your pursuers if they can.

2) Build Philosophy

"Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible"

People tend to prioritize Kills over Pushing, and since the beginning of MOBA Games they have been obsessed with it. But statistically the highest turret/bldg damage wins the game in any MOBA category. Destroying the enemy base is the ultimate goal, right?

Never engage in a 1 vs 1, Never go for the Kill unless you have backup. Help in clashes but never stay for too long, keep pushing. If i were to compare Bane to other Warriors, his Combat capabilities are somewhere between poor and average. His pushing capabilities however, are second to none.

Never going for the Kill may sound silly, but my justification for it is a bit on the psychological perspective. The act of going back and forth from base to defend against Bane will wear enemies down, sometimes killing them will give them the drive they need to win. I often notice that defenders who usually go back to their base for hp regen never returning to defend against me after few iterations of this tactic.

Another reason is to hide your DPS from enemies, they usually leave Bane alone if you have no noticeable K/D/A performance/stats. Scaring them with a quick  push is the key, most common problem with split pushing is that; most split pushers are forced/pressured by teammates or the flow of the game into a defensive. You must never go on defensive unless your team have no defenders left. You must force everyone else to your pace. Thus, the need to hide DPS for a while. Quickly destroying enemy turrets will get them to rethink their strategies.

In some cases when fighting with a team with good teamwork(Squads), they try to kill Bane or Block creeps on Bane's lane if their allies cant handle bane. If that happens, stay near the tower and spam CCC on the Tank trying to block your creeps. Use Deadly Catch when they try to kill you, DO NOT WAIT for the perfect moment, use it to scare them away.(Deadly Catch has low CD, do not worry)

Whenever enemies get tired of chasing Bane, they will just wait for Bane at the turret. During that time, your allies can farm and push. Time spent by your enemies idling and waiting for your push, is the time your allies have to recover.

During late game, whenever everyone has locked/final/complete items. Bane cannot win against any hero, just help allies with Deadly Catch and keep pushing. Remember, Deadly Catch is the slow version of Valir's AOE crowd control.. It's slow, but it hits like a truck.

3) Item Build

Aside from giving physical attack bonus, all of these items prioritize having movement speed bonus and attack speed bonus for clearing lanes.

     a) Courage Mask - Primary use for this item is for running around the map, think of it as your secondary Sprint. DO NOT USE Sprint and Courage Mask at the same time, try to cycle usage of it when running around. You can use this for team buff during clash, only when sprint is not on CD so you still have means to run.

     b) Endless Battle - CD Reduction / Mana Regen / And the burst of movement speed when Justice activates.

     c) Rapid Boots - The highest boost of movement speed you get, very useful in changing lanes and kiting enemies.

     d) Windtalker - When Typhoon activates, you'll get a burst of movement speed bonus. The attack speed and crit bonus will let you clear lanes easily.

     e) Corrosion Scythe - Same idea with Windtalker and a slight difference, the more you attack the faster you will be.(Attack speed)

     f) Blade of Despair - The highest Damage boost you can get , very effective on turrets and creep lanes. Works wonders when Corrosion Scythe's unique procs. Watch enemy base get rekt in 3-5 seconds(fully buffed).

(Priority Items to start Split Pushing)

     Azure Blade - For Mana Regen and CD reduction. You will need this to be able to SPAM CCC and Rum. (Convert to Endless Battle after completing other 2 priority item)

     Courage Mask - You'll need this to start split pushing, clearing lanes isn't the problem. Its running away from ganks and defender, use it when Sprint is on CD.

     Rapid Boots - You'll need this because you will be running around the whole map the entire game.

*You can try to swap Rapid Boots during late game, if you have the excess $...get Blade of Despair or Endless Battle.

4) Spell, Skills, and Emblem

     a) Sprint - Some would argue that Arrival is better at changing lanes, but Sprint can be used for Kiting enemies and Positioning in clashes for Deadly Catch use.

     b) CCC / Crab Claw Cannon - Bane's bread and butter throughout the game. CCC bounces from its first target, and seeking enemies at certain range to bounce on.(Prioritizing Heroes) SPAM THIS SKILL.

     c) Rum - With a decent Mana Regen, Bane does not need to return home for health regen. It has bonus movement speed which you will need a lot. Use the Second activation of Rum to clear lanes or when charging at enemies.(i dont recommend charging) SPAM FIRST ACTIVATION OF THIS SKILL FOR HEAL AND MOVEMENT SPEED.

     d) Deadly Catch - Think of this as a slow version of Valir's AOE crowd control. Use Sprint/CourageMask/Rum(not all at once) for bonus movement speed and position yourself during clash for best results. The next use for this is for running away from enemies, use it to push them and flee the area. The last use for this is damaging Turrets or Turret Stealing.

     e) Bane's Passive - Dont pay much attention on activating this. You'll get kills with this passive when you least expect it. A notable use for this is hitting creeps when enemies with low HP are fleeing, this should get you a kill when the AOE hits the enemy.

     f) Custom Assassin Emblem - At lvl 40, I put 3 points in Agility(movement speed), and 3 points in Fatal(crit chance)..i dont use unique abilites for emblems.

5) In-game Tactics

     a) Early Game - Stay near turret and don't use melee attacks, unless there are no defenders. Spam CCC on enemy creeps, try to bounce CCC onto enemy hero. But DO NOT over do it, don't get killed trying to get that perfect bounce. If your enemy tends to harass you(Nana,Diggie,Cecilion...etc) wait for lvl 2 so you can heal yourself with rum before starting to get aggressive with them. Most melee enemies will not stand a chance with this strategy.

     b) Split Pushing - Always look at minimap; whenever few(1-2) enemies are visible, it's time to change lanes. When encountering clashes while you're changing lanes, use Deadly Catch to disrupt enemy momentum and proceed to your target lane. Avoid clashes but help if you can, a greatly placed Deadly Catch will give your allies time to kill most enemies.

     c) Kiting - While running away from pursuers, keep calm and try to hit them with CCC. it will slow them and landing 3 hits of CCC will usually get pursuers(MM/Assassins) HP low, thats when you go for the kill and unleash all your skills or have ally Assassins or Marksman pick them out one by one.

     d) Turret Stealing - Use Deadly Catch to Steal Turrets, especially when your teammates are behind in $,Lvl,and KDA.

6)  Notes

     a) Turn Hero Lock Mode On in settings - very useful for those who don't use minimap for tracking enemies. Whenever a hero icon appears on screen, it's time for you to go back or change lane. Learning to use the Minimap is mandatory, the Hero Lock Mode is just an additional precaution.

     b) Think Like a Marksman - Use Crab Claw Cannon as your range attack, it has low CD and low Mana consumption. With AzureBlade/EndlessBattle you can spam this skill.

     c) Sometimes you don't have to change lane - Whenever enemies get used to my changing lane tactic(Side to Side / Top <=> Bottom), i pretend to move towards the jungle to change lane and what i would do is go around in circle and back to the same lane.

     d) Unleash Deadly Catch when pushing all lanes - From going to Top<=>Bottom, on the way to the other side of the map. Use deadly catch to damage turrets in the middle or clear creeps. Time Deadly Catch carefully, use your current creep waves location as a means to predict the enemies creep wave location. Use Deadly Catch when you're not visible in enemy minimap, do not worry it has Long range and low CD.

     e) Use Rum Second activation to clear lanes - When you don't have enough attack speed or DPS yet. Time your approach with Rum's second activation. Use it to hit all creeps, then a few melee attacks will clear the rest.

     f) CHAT KILLS - Don't waste time answering enemy Taunts or your Teammates Rants. You may not DIE from typing from base(safe zone), but you will be wasting time.

(My Video Upload)

In this video im uploading, my team was being rekt and i was going against WanWan in my lane. We managed to make an epic comeback by buying my teammates time to recover. Enemies had lead in player kills and lord, but stealing towers from them forced Mages and Marksman of their team on a defensive. And as a result they lacked support during clashes with my allies.

This game had the perfect example of Bane being ganked in front and back, and even being chased by the enemy team half way across the map. I managed to get a K/D/A of 7/0/9 and 23k worth of $/items.

I kept on pushing for almost 30mins, no rest or jungling.

This is not a all around answer for every enemy and i still have a hard time with some heroes....heroes like WanWan,Ling,Hayabusa are hard to hit with CCC....and more

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