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8 Tips From The Best Player You Should Follow

by GamerHub
Nov 04, 2018
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Be sure to watch the video above. It goes into full detail of 8 tips from the best Mobile Legends player in the world.

Number 1. Play Together with Friends (Or People you Know are good)

A good thing to start with is playing with friends instead of playing solo. It makes it easier to communicate in a game when you're playing with someone you know.

Teamwork is a lot easier because you already have a good idea of how to work with them. If you can't get friends to play with you then try to play with people you've met in the game before.

It's easier to talk to someone and know what they're going to do in the game when you already know them a little bit. So unless they're just flat out bad at the game, playing with someone you know is a good practice.

Number 2. Never Pick a Hero you Can't play in Classic or Ranked

This one is pretty obvious but there's still a lot of people who do this. You shouldn't play Heroes that you aren't familiar with if you're playing in Classic or Ranked.

If you're going to use a Hero you don't know you should start playing against the A.I. Learn the hero and get good with it before jumping into PvP.

You should really only be playing heroes that you are familiar with in Classic or Ranked. It can throw off the rest of the team you're on if you're playing a hero and have no idea what you're doing.

Number 3. When Playing Draft Pick (Epic or Higher) Pick the Best Heroes First

This might also be a bit obvious but some people don't do it. When you're playing solo in Draft Pick this may be a bit harder but if you're playing with a team it's easier to get on the same page.

You should focus the heroes that are most important. For example, Carrie is an overpowered hero and it'd be good to get her in the team.

So you want to get the best heroes first before the enemy team picks that hero. In Draft, the most important thing is to get the best heroes first so really focus on that.

Number 4. Always Listen to your Team

This is an important one and can be obvious or not obvious depending on the person. You need to always listen to your team.

Communication is a big part of Mobile Legends because it's a team based game. You won't do very good if you don't have any idea what the rest of your team is doing.

And the same goes for you. If your team can't get you to line up with what they're doing then it's going to hinder your team and might cost you the match.

Number 5. Turrets before Kills! (Especially the last Turret)

This is a thing that everyone should take note of. It doesn't matter if it's ranked or classic, everyone seems to go off their kills.

You should always take the turrets over your kills. Your kills are not important and too many people focus on getting high kill counts.

Taking out the turrets needs to be the focus. In the late game when turrets aren't as much as an issue you should be focusing more on pushing the enemy instead of chasing down other heroes to raise your kill count.

Number 6. Use your Map to the Max!

So basically you need to try and look at the map as much as possible. You'll be able to see the lanes and keep an eye out on where everyone is.

You'll see which lanes are empty and need to be protected. Or which enemies are pushing and who may need some help if they're being ganged up on.

So try to keep your eye on the map as much as possible. It's a helpful tool and really gives you a second view of the way things are going in the match.

Number 7. Never Surrender in a game, (Enemy team can make mistakes) Comeback is Real!

Even though the enemy team may have a huge lead just try to hold out and defend. You'll get max items at some point in the match as well and they can make a mistake.

It is extremely possible to have that comeback in the final stretch of the match. Never surrender because there is always a chance to turn things around.

Number 8. Learn from your Mistakes

This can be an obvious one but it's important. If you play a game and make a mistake then learn from that mistake.

Look at what you did and make sure not to do it again. The more you fail the better you'll get by learning how to avoid making more mistakes.

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