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Zilong Stats

Battle Point Cost0
Diamond Cost0
Movement Speed265
Physical Attack123
Physical Defense25
Magic Resistance10
Attack Speed0.964
HP Regen Rate35
Mana Regen Rate16

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Zilong Abilities

Dragon Flurry

Every 6s, Zilong's next Basic Attack will land a combo on the target in front of him for multiple times, dealing a total of 1.8x Basic Attack damage. Hitting enemies with a Basic Attack will reduce the CD of Passive by 0.5s.

Spear Strike

Zilong dashes toward the target, dealing 260 (+30% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage. Then he performs a quick Basic Attack immediately.

Spear Flip

Zilong lifts an enemy over his back, dealing 300 (+140% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage and reducing the target's Physical Defense by 10 for 2s.

Supreme Warrior

Zilong increases his Movement Speed by 30% and Attack Speed by 45%, becoming immune to Slowing Effect for 6s. Removes Debuffs upon casting.

Zilong Guide

Zilong 2019 Build

We all know that the game is constantly changing Meta and it's always changing. A question that's asked is what is the best build for Zilong in 2019?

First of all, before you pick your build, know your role first. What's your role in the game? Are you a Burst Damage that will kill an enemy in a second? Are you a charger or a semi-tank that always fights in the middle of a clash?

There are so many things that will affect your build. This guide will show a few builds that are good for Zilong.

The first build is based on lanes. If your enemy is a lane bully like a spammer then it's a good idea to have an item to sustain you like a Life steal item but you could also go for a Berserker Fury.

Like in the game shown in the video above, against Saber who is a 2nd skill spammer but low damage with a high CD so compared to a mage it's nothing.

So going with a Berserker Fury build is good because it can sustain the lane without life steal in the early game. Don't be risky in the early game either, just farm until you control the gold because once you do you control the game.

If you're a Segway type Zilong I recommend high movement speed items. Why do you need movement speed you ask?

To escape the enemy when they hunt you for pushing their tower.  For a semi-tank or charger that will help you take and give damage we'll talk about items that give additional HP and defense but before picking defense you need to know if the damage you're taking is physical or magical.

In choosing life steal item is the thing you need to consider. If the enemy is tanky or has high HP the best item to counter it is Demon Sword.

If the enemy is low on HP and you're a Burst Damage the best item is Endless battle because it's good if you're a Burst + Skill character. If you're a hero that needs high survivability in a clash then I recommend Hasss Claw.

If you know how to item combo then you know. with Hasss Claw passive if you're low on hp you will get additional life steal. Hass Claw + Rose Gold Meteor + Wings of the Apocalypse queen is the best Item combo.

If you use that item combo + damage and the enemy doesn't have CC you will be unstoppable.

(Outdated) Yun Zhao Guide

Hey everyone, this is a quick mini guide to give you an idea of how to play the character Yun Zhao. Watch the video above first then refer to the information down below.

Yun Zhao is a fighter character in Mobile Legends and one of the strongest you can get early on. He's great for almost any place on the field whether its Minion lanes, Hero slaying, or partnering with another hero.

In game mechanics

Yun Zhao is one of the fastest heroes in the game making it very easy for him to rush through the lanes cutting down his enemies. This makes him a great her to use for jungling and going between lanes to cover the entire field when ever there is an opening.

His skills are all well rounded for physical damage, his first skill actually giving slow down to any enemy it hits. So having Yun Zhao control the field while dealing damage is one of the best ways to play him.

Yun Zhao has a series of useful combos that are shown in the video above that make him very deadly through out the course of a match. You can utilize any of them that you find useful but stick to the ones that fit your play style.

Having Yun Zhao control the field with his speed is a great way to use him but he can also play a great lane hero just pushing through minions and dealing with turrets. His speed gives him a good advantage for lanes letting him get away from any heroes that aggro him.

Yun Zhao is also great for new players and a definite early game practice hero for anyone just starting out. So whether you're using him to learn how to play or learn how to make him your main hero, with just a little practice you'll find how well versed Yun Zhao really is.

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