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Layla Stats

Battle Point Cost0
Diamond Cost0
Movement Speed240
Physical Attack130
Physical Defense15
Magic Power0
Magic Resistance10
Attack Speed0.85
HP Regen Rate27
Mana Regen Rate14

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Layla Tier: B
Sun Nov 15 2020 2 days ago

Layla Abilities

Malefic Bomb

Layla fires a Malefic Energy Bomb forward, dealing 200 (+80% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to the first enemy hit. Malefic Energy Bomb enjoys Crit Effect.

Void Projectile

Layla fires an energy ball that explodes, dealing 170 (+65% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to the target and nearby enemies, slowing them by 40% for 2s. The skill range scales with levels.

Malefic Gun

Layla's damage of basic attacks and skills scales with distance between her and enemies, from 100% up to 130%.

Destruction Rush

Layla fires an energy cannon, dealing 500 (+150% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemies in front of her. Building this skill also increases her basic attack range by 0.4 points.

Layla Guide


Since the model/skin rework of Layla (which she looks much more unique, cooler right now and free old Layla as a skin to those who already own Layla before the patch!), I think it's time to give Layla some love. She is a "free" hero, which everyone gets by creating new account and completing tutorial. She is underrated in highly competitive ranked games due to the meta (Moskov & Clint) but she is definitely fun and easy to play. A recommended hero to play for starters and newbies.



The world Layla lives in is full of a force called Malefic Energy, a savage and unruly energy that causes all living things that come in contact with it to lose their reason and become rabidly ferocious. This energy had all but wiped out her world, until one day Layla's father discovered a way to use a gun forged from magic iron from deep within the earth to absorb and control Malefic Energy. Unfortunately, he absorbed too much energy during the forging process and died, but not before giving the completed gun to Layla in the hopes that she would halt the spread of Malefic Energy.



Abilities and Tips

Max Malefic Bomb first, Destruction Rush whenever you can (IMPORTANT), Void Projectile last.

 Malefic Gun (Passive): Basic attacks and abilities will do even more damage to long-range targets, at most increasing from 85% to 130%.

-This passive is a really strong one for marksman, try your best to hit your targets as far away possible, not to mention being safe and don't let your enemies run away at the same time.

-Scales really well with critical strikes.


 Malefic Bomb: Fires a Malefic Energy Bomb forward that will deal 200 physical damage to the first enemy it hits.

-Short cooldown, average damage, long range, SPAM it when you are engaged in a fight, but don't cancel your attack for it. For example, immediately use Malefic Bomb after auto attacks to avoid missing/canceling any auto attacks in between.


 Void Projectile: Fires an energy ball that explodes at the feet of an enemy target, dealing 170 physical damage to the target and nearby enemies, also slowing them down 60%, lasting for 2s. This ability's range will increase with its level.

-Your only crowd control ability, a small area of effect slow to the target and nearby targets.

-Same as Malefic Bomb, make sure you don't cancel any auto attacks!


AND FINALLY, your ultimate skill! (Long wall of text for this one)


 Destruction Rush (Ultimate): Fires an energy cannon that deals 500 physical damage to enemies in front of it. Each upgrade of this skill will raise basic attack distance 0.4.

-One of my favorite ultimates in game, medium-high base damage.

-You can use this spell to secure low life enemies, kill-steal turtles and even lords.

-Do not hesitate to use this ability first if there were few enemies caught off guard, sticking together.

-For aiming, I recommend auto-aiming (for beginners) for early games/teamfights as it is quite hard to dodge without movement speed bonus from boots ,etc. Otherwise, try out manual aiming and you might get the hang of it,

-You can see the range of Layla's ultimate in the mini-map! (Refer to the image below).

Mini-map in the top left shows the range of Layla's ultimate.

-The passive on the ultimate grants Layla the LONGEST auto attack range in game.

-Range increases as Layla levels up the ultimate, Destruction Rush.

-You can HIT TURRET OUTSIDE IT'S RANGE once you are level 12 with Level 3(MAXED) Ultimate.

-IMPORTANT: When you are outside the turret range, your auto attack damage on the turret decreases. If there is minions around, WALK INSIDE THE TURRET RANGE to deal more damage to the turret.


Item Builds

The ideal build of Layla is to have as much as attack speed, physical attack and critical strikes as possible. It scales really well with Layla's passive, Malefic Gun. I have two build in the screenshot above, they are both extremely powerful and versatile. Feel free to make changes as long as Layla have the stats she needs.

In my opinion, Scarlet Phantom (extremely high attack speed and some critical strike chance) and Blade of Destruction (powerful damage and high physical attack) is a core item for Layla. Layla doesn't really need Tooth of Greed as her lifesteal tool, Fallen Sword and/or Endless Battle can fill the role just fine.

For starting items, you can start with two Magic Necklace to sustain your mana which you will be spamming abilities to harass/farm. If you don't like it, skip it and proceed to build your first item.



Battle Spells and Emblems

For battle spells, Flicker would be the best choice. Flicker can re-position yourself as a marksman and either escape/chase. But if you don't like it, or under level 19, feel free to try out the following:

-Retribution: Good in early game for farming jungle whenever you cleared the enemy minions. Useless in late game.

-Purify: Works well against crowd controls, requires fast reaction tho!

-Fury: meh skill. Least useful but who knows it might work on you!

For emblems, use any physical attack emblem you have the highest.



Layla is fairly strong as a early game due to her abilities, and scales extremely well to the late game as well. Don't be afraid to join teamfights or help your teammates. If you're in doubt, farm up! Layla doesn't have any mobility abilities but she can be quite safe when played properly!

Layla's range is long among the other heroes, make use of it! Stay safe, attack and position yourself. Do not stay too front, always stay behind your teammates! Feel free to adjust the items according to your playstyle! She works wonders with most of the attack items.

Finally, congrats to those who acquired free Layla skin from the patch :P

Have fun, and see you in the game!







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