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Lapu-Lapu Stats

Battle Point Cost32000
Hero Fragment Cost120
Diamond Cost599
Movement Speed260
Physical Attack119
Magic Resistance10
Attack Speed0.9
HP Regen Rate35
Mana Regen Rate16

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Lapu-Lapu Abilities

Hero's Faith

Lapu-Lapu will gain a stack of Bravery Blessing after hitting an enemy hero or a Creep with his skills. After gaining 5 stacks, Lapu-Lapu's next Basic Attack will deal extra 250% damage (not critical). It will also give Lapu-Lapu a shield that absorbs 500-1200 points of damage. (Scales with level).

Justice Blade

Lapu-Lapu hurls two boomeranging blades of light forward. Each blade deals 120 (+50% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemies hit on their way out and back, and multiple hits on the same enemy only grant 1 stack of Bravery Blessing.

Brace Stance

Lapu-Lapu charges with his twin blades, dealing 100 (+50% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemies on the path. If he hits an enemy hero, his Movement Speed will be increased by 30%. Lasts 3s.

Chieftain's Rage

Lapu-Lapu combines twin blades into one heavy sword and slashes forward, dealing 400 (+200% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemies, stunning them for 0.8s. He then increases 30 Physical and Magic Defense of his own within 15s. Lapu-Lapu enters Heavy Sword state and enhances all his skills. Lasts for 15s.

Lapu-Lapu Guide


Hey guys, have you ever played Saber and/or Alucard? Did you had fun with them? Do you like their playstyle of assassin/bruiser type? You found the right place, this ain't Alucard nor Saber but this is something better. It's Lapu-Lapu, the Great Chief. His skill sets are actually very similar to Alucard + Saber. Extremely fun to play, high damage potential and tanky. He is a bruiser/fighter/assassin type. He have no mana (SPAM YOUR ABILITY) which is even better.


The mysterious waters to the south of the Land of Dawn are dotted with islands big and small. Here the land is fertile, the climate mild. Life thrives, and food is in abundance. People live lives of peace and happiness. But one day, a group of invaders came upon this peaceful land and disrupted the happy lives of the people. The chief of Makadan Island, Lapu-Lapu, refused to become anyone's slave. The enemy has iron spears. We have brave hearts, he declared. Lapu-Lapu took up his twin blades and led his people into battle, staying countless invaders. Under his leadership, they won victory and the respect of the enemy, free once again to live in peace, But this incident of outside invaders made our hero aware of the world beyond the island, and though beset by enemies, he packed his bags and began a journey to learn about this world.

"The story is fabricated indeed and not a real historical story."



Hero's Faith (Passive): Lapu-Lapu will receive 1 layer of Bravery Blessing each time his abilities hit a hero. When stacked to 5 layers, his basic attack will deal extra damage (these basic attacks won't crit strike) and it will give him a shield that can offer 500-1200 HP of resistance (grows with level).

-Bonus damage on basic attack, unfortunately they don't crit

-Powerful shield to make yourself even tanky



Justice Blade: Casts two boomeranging blades of light forward. Each blade deals 120 physical damage to enemies hit on its way out and back, multiple hits at the same enemy only grant 1 stack of Bravery Blessing.

Justice Blade (Heavy Sword): Casts a giant flying wheel forward, dealing physical damage and slowing the enemies on the path.

-On the normal state Justice Blade, they works like Saber's first ability. You can actually hit the same target with TWO of his boomerang. They can hit twice on some circumstances such as starting of Lapu-Lapu's positioning or end of the boomerang.

-On the Heavy Sword state Justice Blade, it's a long range AOE with decent amount of physical damage with a bit of slow crowd control.



Brave Stance: Charges with his twin blades, dealing 100 physical damage to enemies on the path, increasing his movement speed for a short time at hit of enemy hero.

Brave Stance (Heavy Sword): Charges with his heavy blades, dealing 20 physical damage to enemies on the path, increasing his physical and magic defense by 5 for s.

-Both works the same, they can both charges over wall.

-Incredible utility for escaping,roaming,ganking or chasing.




Chieftain's Rage (Ultimate): Combines twin blades into one heavy sword and slashes forward, dealing 400 physical damage to enemies and stunning them for 0.8s, entering Heavy Sword state for 15s.

Chieftain's Rage (Heavy Sword): Passive: In Heavy Sword state, basic attack damage is increased by . Active: Whirls weapon, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies.

-Your ultimate is a long range AOE as well, dealing physical damage and stuns.

-Whenever you enter Heavy Sword state, ALL of your ability resets cooldown. For example, you used Justice Blade, and then Chieftain's Rage into heavy sword, you can use Justice Blade again, but in Heavy Sword state. Same occurs when Heavy Sword state is over.


Pro & Cons


  • High damage
  • Low cooldown
  • Extremely mobile
  • Good jungler, roamer
  • Good clear speed
  • Tanky


  • May be vulnerable whenever your skills on cooldown but hey, it's fine
  • Can be confusing or complicating at first



Items & Battle Spells

Set 1 or 2 is the best set up I've tried. Tanky, bruiser with enough damage type. Lots of mobility, lifesteal, tankiness. I really enjoyed it. They are both same items, just different sequence. You have all you need here.

Flicker or Purify, in my opinion Purify might be better as you have a lot of dashes already. Retribution if you are jungling.



Game Plan

Early game, you don't have to start with magic necklaces and you still can spam ability all you want because LAPU-LAPU HAS NO MANA HAH! It's so awesome. But on a serious point, play as aggressive as you can. You could even pick up some kills. You could clear jungle and lane fairly fast, get yourself to level 4  as soon as possible to unlock your ultimate and you could start ganking any lane.

While ganking, starts with Brave Stance, follow up with Justice Blade, and then Chieftain's Rage, auto attack and use Justice Blade again, Brave stance to gap close if needed, Chieftain's Rage AGAIN to finish the kill. Don't forget, using Chieftain's Rage, entering into Heavy Sword state RESETS ALL YOUR ABILITY COOLDOWN. Make use of it.


Mid-Late game, by this time you should have your boots, attack damage items and some tanky items. You would want to be in the frontline, trying to kill the backline or frontline, get your shield up, soak as much damage as possible and also deal damage as much as possible. you can start a teamfight with yout ultimate, 0.8s stun to the enemy team. Don't be afraid to use your ability to clear wave, jungle or roaming. Remember, 0 mana costs.

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