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Kimmy Stats

Battle Point Cost32000
Hero Fragment Cost120
Diamond Cost599
Movement Speed245
Physical Attack104
Magic Power0
Magic Resistance10
Attack Speed0.826
HP Regen Rate40
Mana Regen Rate0

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Kimmy Tier: C
Thu Nov 12 2020 5 days ago

Kimmy Abilities

Kimmy's Chemist's Instinct

Chemist's Instinct

Kimmy can move and aim at other directions when using her Spray Gun, but is often less accurate. Her Spray Gun will only enjoy 50% of Physical Lifesteal. All the buffs on Attack Speed will be converted to Movement Speed for her.
Kimmy's Energy Transformation

Energy Transformation

Kimmy's Basic Attack will be changed into chemical Ball. Each Chemical Ball deals 19 (+40% Total Physical ATK)(+45% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage. If Kimmy fails to hit a target, the Chemical explodes upon travelling a certain distance, and deals the same damage to nearby enemies. This skill enjoys only 40% of Spell vamp. Use Again: Return to normal Basic Attack.
Kimmy's Chemical Refinement

Chemical Refinement

Kimmy Shoots out the enhanced Chemical Spray and the recoil in turn pushes her backwards for a certain distance. The spray then falls down to the ground and increates contaminated areas. Enemies who walk on these areas will take 14 (+30% Total Physical ATK)(+40% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage every 0.5s and becoming slowed by 40%. Regenerates 40 points of energy using this skill.
Kimmy's Maximum Charge

Maximum Charge

Kimmy creates a Luminious Chemical Attacks after charging. Kimmy's Luminescent Attack travel a certain dsitance, dealing 238 (+180% Total Physical ATK)(+210% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to enemy units and 198 (+150% Total Physical ATK)(+170% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to enemies nearby. Regenerate 30 points of energy if Kimmy hits a target with this skill.
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