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Johnson Stats

Battle Point Cost32000
Movement Speed255
Physical Attack112
Physical Defense27
Magic Power0
Magic Resistance10
Attack Speed10.33
HP Regen Rate42
Mana Regen Rate12

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Johnson Abilities

Electromag Rays

Johnson raises his shield, continuously dealing 80 (+20% Total Physical DEF) points of Magic Damage forwards in a fan-shape range and slowing enemies. While holding the shield, Johnson can cast Basic Attack and skills.

Rapid Touchdown

Passive: Permanently Increases Physical Defense by 10%. Johnson jumps up and transforms into a car, accelerating over time. Only 1 teammate can get in the car when it's moving slowly, and then they will rush forward along with Johnson. The car will explode upon hitting an enemy hero, stunning the target and nearby enemies for 0.5s-1s, and dealing 300 (+90% Total Magic Power) - 750 (+225% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage according to the car's speed. After the explosion, the ground will be electrified, slowing enemies and dealing 80 (+20% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to those who are in the area. When the car is going slowly, tap the skill Throttle again to move faster. Tap the skill Brake to stop immediately.


When John's HP is lower than 30%, he generates a shield that absorbs 300 (+700% Total Physical DEF) points of damage for 10s. This effect has a CD of 100s.

Deadly Pincers

Johnson throws a spanner in the designated direction that deals 200 (+150% Total Physical DEF) points of Magic Damage to enemies in its path. Enemies in the area that the spanner lands will be stunned by 0.8s.

Johnson Guide

Among the Tanks, Johnson can be considered as one of the best! Not only is he cool due to his transformer style ultimate, he is also a fun hero to have (Drive around the map)!

This guide will cover Abilities Review, Item Build, Emblems, Battle Spells and In Game Tips. Understand them well and you will become a Johnson pro in no time!

Abilities Review

Electro-airbang (Passive)

When the hero's HP is lower than 30%, a shield will generate, absorbing an amount of damage based on his armor and lasts 10s. This effect only can be triggered once within a period of time.

Due to the passive armor generation, never be afraid to enter enemies’ territory with Johnson!

Iron Sack

Upgrades the pilers. Next basic attack will deal 200 pts of magic damage plus an extra damage that equals 1.5 times the hero’s armor, lowering the enemy's movement speed by 70% for 1s.

If the target is affected by slowing effect with a movement speed lower than 80%, then they will be stunned for 1s. The same target can only be stunned once every 6s.

This works well with higher armor for greater damage. Also utilise Missile Tackle first for the slowing effect before using Iron Sack for the stun effect.

Missile Tackle

Launches several vehicular missiles forward to track enemies in a cone shaped area, dealing 250 pts of magical damage to them. This lowers their movement speed by 70% for 2s.

Spam this skill as much as possible for the slow effect! This is good for harassing and chasing down enemies!

Rapid Touchdown

Passive: Increases 10% of armor. Active: Johnson jumps up and transforms into a car, which will accelerate increasingly.

One teammate can get in the car when it stops and rush forward along with Johnson. When the car hits the first enemy, it will explode and stun the target and nearby enemies for 0.5-1 sec and according to the car’s running speed, deal 300-600 pts of magical damage to them.

When the car stops, click the skill again (Throttle) to move. When you are driving the car, click the skill (Brake) to stop.

This is the fun part as you get a chance to drive around the map! But of course, do not drive recklessly!

If used correctly, the crash stun effect can be a game changer in team clashes!

Item Build

This guide has divided Item Build into 2 parts, Core Items and Situational Items. Core Items are those that fall under the must-get category regardless of builds while Situational Items vary according to conditions.


Core Items

Demon’s Advent – Increases HP by 920, Armor by 54 and HP Regen by 30. Unique Ability will reduce enemy heroes’ attack power by 4% upon taking their damage.

This effect lasts for 2 seconds and can stack up to 3 times. The increase in HP and Armor makes Johnson more durable, which increases his survivability in team fights/clashes.

Apart from making him more tank, the increase in Armor increases the damage output of his Iron Sack (1.5 times of Armor).


Warrior Boots – Adds 22 Armor with Unique Ability giving +40 Movement Speed. Passive effect enables Physical Defense to go up by 5 points with each basic attack received, for an increase of up to 25 points and lasting 3 seconds.

Once again, packing more Armor not only makes Johnson harder to physically damage, his Iron Sack will deal more damage.


Blade Armor – Increases Armor by 90. Unique Ability allows 25% of opponents’ physical attack to be returned as physical damage.

Johnson’s core should revolve around pumping his Armor and this will further increase the damage of his Iron Sack.


Situational Items

Cursed Helmet – Increases HP by 920 and Magic Resistance by 50. Unique Ability will deal 1% of Johnson’s max HP as Magic Damage per second to nearby enemies and 50% extra damage to minions.

The increases in HP and Magic Resistance make Johnson more durable, which increases his survivability in team fights/clashes. Furthermore, since Johnson is rather Tanky at this point in time, the effect of Cursed Helmet will do substantial amount of damage to enemies.


Athena’s Shield – Increases 900 HP, 56 Magic Resistance and gives HP Regen of 20. Unique Ability allows the generation of a shield every 30 seconds, which absorbs 450 – 1150 damage (Shield effect increases as battle goes on).

On top of packing more HP, the increase in Magic Resistance makes Johnson less vulnerable to Magic Attacks. This means that he will become a headache to enemies if targeted as it will not be easy to kill him.


Immortality – Increases HP by 800 and Magic Resistance by 40. Unique Ability enables resurrection 2 seconds after dying and Johnson will get 15% HP with a shield that can absorb 300 - 1000 points of damage.

Shield lasts for 3 seconds and the cooldown for resurrection is 3 minutes. Other than providing death insurance, this item allows Johnson to make his escape, leveraging on enormous Armor.


Bloodthirsty King – Increases HP by 1550. Unique Ability regens 20% of Johnson’s max HP within 5 seconds if a kill or assist is achieved (10 seconds cooldown).

Since Johnson will inevitably provide lots of assistance, this leverages on the assists and heals Johnson consistently. Thereby allowing Johnson to stay on the battle field for prolonged period.


Courage Bulwark – Increases HP by 770 and Regen by 45. Unique Ability causes nearby allies’ attack power and defense to increase by 10%.

Nearby soldiers will also be able to take more turret damage. Use this item if you want to provide more passive ally support.


Heart of Steel – Increases HP by 880, Armor by 30 and Regen by 35. Unique Ability results in 20% Critical Strike Rate Reduction.

A good combination of what any Tank should have, Johnson will become an all-rounded Tank. Use this item if you want Johnson to regen more rapidly.



This guide recommends three different emblem sets namely, Tank, Physical and Jungle Emblem Set for Johnson. For beginners, the Physical Emblem Set will suffice.

For seasoned players, it is recommended to use the Tank Emblem Set. The main reason for Tank Emblem Set is the main Tank attributes it give to Johnson.

Depending on your emblem sets levels, choose the one that has the highest stats for Armor, HP and Magic Resistance.

Battle Spells

For Battle Spells/Abilities, this guide recommends Aegis, Iron Wall and Healing Spell for sustainability and durability. Flicker is recommended for initiating clashes.

In Game Tips

Early Game

Spam Missile Tackle as much as possible to harass enemy heroes. Assist allies in killing jungle creeps for buffs.

As far as possible, walk towards enemy heroes and try to deal basic damage to them. This is more of a territorial scaring effect.

Since Johnson’s passive will generate a shield, do not be afraid to go near enemy heroes. But only do so when your lane has another ally hero.

Rejoice if enemy heroes in your lane are melee type. However, if the enemy heroes are range type, avoid going near them consistently.

Spamming Missile Tackle will suffice when faced with ranged enemy heroes in your lane. Once level 4, keep a lookout on the mini map and see which lane needs assistance.

Then use Rapid Touchdown and drive your way to provide support!

Mid Game

Move together with your allies as much as possible. Avoid soloing lanes to farm while your allies are clashing somewhere.

Before entering any clashes, signal to your allies to wait for you. You are vital in any clashes so always stay close to your allies to avoid distance disadvantage.

But if you are really too far from your allies and they are already engaged in team fights, quickly use Rapid Touchdown and drive your way towards the clash site! If done correctly, you will be able to stun enemy heroes and giving your allies more time to deal damage to them.

Late Game

Similar to mid game, always stay close to your allies to provide the required support as a Tank. If you have an ally who is far from the clash site, give him/her a ride!

During team fights, spam Missile Tackle first before Iron Sack to increase the chances of slowing and stunning enemy heroes respectively. This will greatly aid your teammates in dealing more damage to enemy heroes.

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