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Hylos Stats

Battle Point Cost32000
Diamond Cost599
Movement Speed260
Physical Attack105
Physical Defense17
Magic Power0
Magic Resistance10
Attack Speed430
HP Regen Rate42
Mana Regen Rate12

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Hylos Abilities

Hylos's Thickened Blood

Thickened Blood

Hylos gains extra 1.5 points of Max HP when gaining every 1 points of Max Mana from Equipments and Emblems. When Mana is not enough, HP can be used to cast skills instead.
Hylos's Law and Order

Law and Order

Hylos stores nature's energy to lock down the target and deals 300 (+80 % Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage and stuns the target for 1s.
Hylos's Ring of Punishment

Ring of Punishment

Hylos releases the Ring of Punishment, every second dealing to surrounding enemies 95 (+20% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage and slowing them by 6% and Attack Speed by 5%. Stacks up to 10 times. Each stack lasts 2.5s and increaes 7.5% damage of Ring of Punishment. Ring of Punishment will continuously use 30 points of Mana when its active. Use Again: Hylos stops releasing Ring of Punishment.
Hylos's Glorious Pathway

Glorious Pathway

Hylos creates a pathway for 6s. He recovers 4% of Max HP and is immune to Slowing Effect while on the pathway. Allies moving towards the pathway will have their Movement Speed increased by 60%, enemies moving away from the pathway will have their Movement Speed Reduced by 70%.

Hylos Guide


Once again, there is a new hero with special mechanics. Finally, we have a decent meatshield tank that can debuff the enemies and also buff your allies! He is a centaur, Grand Warden, Hylos. Hylos is one of the best meatshield tank currently in game. He is extremely tanky and hard to die. Let's get on into it.


Amidst the misty mountains within the northern reaches of the Land of Dawn, reside an ancient and mysterious race of Centaurs. These centaurs guard a fountain that rests on the highest mountain peak. This fountain is said to give the gift of life. Dark forces have relentlessly tried to gain the power found within the waters of this fountain, but only to be time and time again be thwarted by the centaurs. However, as time went on, the centaurs tired and attrition soon took hold. It was not until he arrived. Where throw his mastery of nature's wrath he was able to punish all the invaders of the fountain. Hylos had become a legendary figure within the annals of the Land of Dawn.


Pros & Cons


  • Extremely durable and tanky
  • Decent damage as a full tank and meat shield
  • Good initiating and team buff
  • Good debuff
  • 1 target stun/ good crowd control
  • Mana isn't an issue anymore


  • Only mobility is ultimate
  • Can be a free lifesteal target for enemy marksman
  • Requires coordinated teamworking
  • Drains ton loads of mana/hp early game



 Thickened Blood (Passive): Every 1 points of mana received from equipment and mana, will also give Hylos 1 points of health. When mana is not enough, health can be used to cast skills instead.


 Law And Order: Stores nature's energy to lock down the target and deals 300 (+80% Total Magic Power) points of magical damage and stuns for 1s.

  • Not much about this ability, a good ability overall. Decent 1 target stun, good for ganking or locking down target.


 Ring of Punishment: Releases the power of the centaurs to summon a Ring of Punishment, every second dealing to surrounding enemies 95(+20% Total Magic Power) points of magical damage and also stacks Warden's Fury, every stack of Warden's Fury will reduce the enemy's movement speed by 6%and their attack speed by 5%, enemies will also take 7.5% more damage from Ring of Punishment, Warden's Fury can stack a maximum of 10 times. Ring of Punishment will continuously use mana when it is active.

  • This ability drains your mana/hp every second and you are able to trigger it any time and any where.
  • Great debuff, up to 60% movement speed and 60% attack speed reduction.
  • Good debuff on enemy that your teammates can deal 7.5% more damage on enemies affected by Ring of Punishment (this does not stack!).
  • Decent damage as a full tank.


 Glorious Pathway (Ultimate): Creates a pathway that lasts 6s, Hylos will heal 4% of maximum health and be immune to slows while on the pathway. Allies moving towards the pathway will have their movement speed increased by 60%, enemies moving away from the pathway will have their movement speed reduced by 70%

  • Great initiating ability, pairs up well with another damage dealer initiator or with massive crowd controls.
  • It's almost impossible for enemy team to flee away once this ability affects them. It's either fight to win or lose.
  • Better used when team follows up, do not use it to initiate alone.
  • Great HP regeneration makes you extremely tanky.


There are plenty of item choices and I'll breakdown every each of them and decide which would you like. Or you could just follow the item build I've provided. Feel free to change build in a middle of a game and decide based on which type of enemies you are against.

  1. Cursed Helmet - Really good item for Hylos overall, deals decent amount of damage with Ring of Punishment. Definitely a core item for Hylos.
  2. Warrior Boots - Feel free to swap over for Boots of Tranquility if you like the regen more.
  3. Thunder Belt - Surprising good item for Hylos. Good area of effect slow every time it procs, and you can proc it frequently because of Ring of Punishment. The stats are pretty good as well.
  4. Dominance Ice - This items is extremely good itself, it's another bonus 500 HP due to Hylos's Passive Thickened Blood. Must-buy item in my opinion, unless you are against full Magic Power enemy team which is very unlikely. Huge debuff too, with your Ring of Punishment.
  5. Demon's Advent - Great counter for heavy Attack Damage enemy team.
  6. Heart of Steel - Great tank armor item, counters critical strikes.
  7. Blade Armor - Offensive-defensive item. Against heavy auto attacks enemies.


There isn't any useful spells for Hylos in my opinion other than Healing Spell. Since Hylos is like a support tank meatshield, a little heal to survive longer or save your allies might be useful. Otherwise, Flicker or Iron Wall.


As you all know, Hylos is a tank, support, initiator and meatshield. It's best to leave the best gold leads to your team carries. Dual lane at top or bottom with a carry is recommended. Try to give the last hits from jungle and minions to your carries as much as possible. Find opportunity to get objectives and kills. NEVER EVER be alone at all times, unless you really need to defend a turret. Remember, you are not a damage dealer, don't engage an enemy alone unless it's really low HP and you believe in yourself you can pick it up.

There's no need to start with jungle item (since you are not gonna farm jungle) or mana regen necklaces because you can use HP when you ran out of mana, thanks to your passive. Boots first item is a good start if you are planning to go for early ganks with another teammate.

During or before a teamfight, it's wise for you to ENGAGE FIRST with your ultimate. But you need to know if your team if going to win the teamfight. Don't start a teamfight if an ally teammate is split pushing, or you know you can't win. If you do so, you might bait your entire team to their death which can cause a miserable defeat. Initating is important on Hylos. You are going to start a fight every single time because of your ultimate, which can catch enemy team off-guard or unprepared while tanking a good amount of damage for your team.

A good initiate with a good team follow up is all it takes to win the game.

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